TB Joshua: “90% Of Nigerians Believe My Church Is Fake & Demonic“

Nov 30, 2013 – Pastor TB Joshua: “90% Of Nigerians Believe My Church Is False & Devilish“

In a recent interview, controversial and alleged fake Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua has confirmed the feelings of many Nigerians towards him.

Hear what TB Joshua said in a recent interview:

I may not be accepted by people in Nigeria but my acceptance in the world has been announcing me to my world. When you look at the people working with me, you see that the ratio of Nigerians working with me are not more than 10 per cent.

A survey carried out indicated that 60% of his church staff are from the Philippines.

Of course Nigerians are intelligent people, they hardly fall for false prophets.

Over to you, why do you think most Nigerians believe TB Joshua is fake ?

91 thoughts on “TB Joshua: “90% Of Nigerians Believe My Church Is Fake & Demonic“

  1. not anybody that says father. father will enter the kingdom of God if someone do the will of God,anyway this is the end time

  2. Dnt ever judge anyman of God cus is d greatest sin hwever,fine if u are doubting himthen maybe you should wait til his power is been,nonsense people all u do is to talk abt a man of God,let him be either fake or real ok,as for me i dnt criticize bcos is a sin,sir continue ur great work of God bcos as far as u can cal in d name of God u are heal fine not any oda name,kudos to u temitope joshua

  3. Hmmm wen JESUS was on earth he was hated by many so I’m not surprise ,even wen JESUS healed he was called a magician”be careful of whatever u say so d wrath of God wil nt be upon u n ur household,remember touch nt my annoited n do my prophet no harm.i believe so much in u sir n i knw u re heaven sent to Dix generation .God bless n increase u sir

  4. TB is a very intelligent man that knows when to add and subtract toying with those that want their mind to be played with.65 commentators,on a very open subject,That’s what he want and is going the direction he aimed for,ADDITIONAL ATTENTION.he is a wise man indeed,No wonder.

  5. dear T.B joshua,i do not owe the power to judge you,but if u feel God is not with you,i want u to know that God can stil use u as everyone in life(sinner or righteous)still have a future with christ Jesus.As for our beloved other G.O. Pastors who spend billions buyin 3-4 private jets,dnt u have any needy in your church?please try to help the poor within and outside your church rather than buy gets to feel among when people are dying cos of hunger in your church and u feel free ownin 4 private jets and payin yearly over 200 million nairy as tax to the aviation ministry.God help us

  6. most of the prophets during the bible days were not accepted by their people, why then do you all want tb Joshua case to change as if you were the one that wrote it in the bible that A prophet will never be accepted in his country, jeremiah blame God for allowing him to be born as a prophet just because of the insults people like you gave to him those days, and yet you claim to know bible but ignore some realities that happened in the same bible you claim you know all, you will be surprise to know that some men of God you thought they were genuine ones now will turnout to be fake, Jesus himself said so not me, Luke 6 vs 26 to be precise, and the ones you made yourselves judge over them even when you were warned not to judge turnout to be accepted ones before God, the same Luke 6 vs 22 and 23, watch your perceptions now to avoid endangering your future.

  7. Pls I don’t quite agree with all these condemnations, no one of us is God that knows who is real and who is fake. pls let us not use our mouths to condemn ourselves, but rather let us seek for knowledge from our Lord Jesus and leave everything to him. But believe me you hardly can find excessive love that is accompany with generousity elsewhere as can be find in the SCOAN, though I am not a member of the church but whoever that believe in Jesus and have faith can perform even more miracles than what Jesus did, says the bible. Didn’t you read where the disciples came and reported to Him that “they saw some people casting out demons in his name and they tried to stop them”, but what was his replied, he said” don’t stop them for whoever is not against you for you”.On that note brethren, the time for judgement is not yet rape.

  8. TB Joshua is nothing but Satanic. Because Nigerians know his root and source of power, many wise ones refused to be part of him and his so called synagogue. Yes, foreigners who don’t understand will keep following him blindly.

    It’s a pity he would lead many to hell fire. He’s one of the false prophets the Bible warned the people of God to beware of.

    TB Joshua, you know who sent you; whom you’re working for; definitely, NOT GOD!

    • It’s only God that will judge you and and your words!

      If you were intelligent enough, you’ll know that God said that you cannot judge the things of God with wordly wisdom. So most Nigerians use their intellectual wisdom to want to judge T Joshua. This also happened when Jesus was alive. How can you who is not spiritual know the things of the spirit of God? Have had enough time to do your daily facebook and and your pornos? It’s your pastors who says that such things are not bad that are false prophets.

  9. naijagists i no say una no go post my comment since i don dey talk say na una b d bad belly pple wey de spoil d name of tb joshua God go 4give una & odas like u

  10. May God hav mercy on u all that say TB Joshua is this or that, mind d way u talk to men of God.If u dont believe let those that believe be.

  11. All of u that are saying d man is fake,tell me,what are the things that will proove to u dt a pastor is real?what qualifies a man to be a real pastor?God doesnt care abt ur opinion.remb u r like grains of sand in His sight.tel me u that is real,what impact hav u made in ur community?how many lives hav u changed?what legacy r u leaving ur children?TBJ has made great impact,believe it or not,if not positively to change d rubbish name of ds country.Pastor chris also is impacting the world.U that is talking here,what will u do to change ur world?thats d question u shd ask.If He is a fake man,atleast he is using d powers to make great impact in d world.u dt claim to b real,what av u done.watch ur words people.SCOAN is located in Nigeria,y not go der and c tins for urselves,instead bin sons and daughters of Lies.Jesus loves u.

  12. Jesus christ was hated for saying he is a son of God and him and God are one,it was written in the book by Moses and others.John the Baptist walk all around preaching and baptising people in preparation for his coming.Many signs and confessions happened for people to believe but because we are born blind is is hard for us to see what is happening around them.If Jesus was accepted an believed by the people he couldn’t have been killed.He rose up but still we not believe.Those people who were behind the mission of taking his life were high priests.ln Jesus’s home town today people still don’t believe I forgot to mention that John as well send his people to ask Jesus if he is the one or they must expect someone else.some thought Christ is using alshabab simply because he was living above his words. Jesus Christ was a human being he had siblings and parents and that’s why people got confused and hated him.when people don’t have all the answers for the questions they have in their minds,they doubt and you can’t believe something you doubt.you can hear,see and feel but if you still doubt you can’t believe.believe is a choice that one make and trust his life on.There are people trust their lives on idols and toys.you can try to explain to them that there is Christ who can help them,believe you me they will hate you for that because they already made their choice.We all know there is God but the confusion is about to reach to Him

  13. Its because of our unbelief that Nigeria is suffering so much. You claim u know the truth but u behave like criminals. I bet if T B Joshua was from the US people will Embrace him with open arms. Deceivers of themselves!, what you don’t understand, you destroy. He is living his life and fulfilling God’s purpose with or without u. Secondly you don’t need a man of God to pray for you to be blessed, all you need is Love and that’s what TB Joshua preaches all the time. Am a bonified member of SCOAN Praise be to the Almighty God.

  14. Jesus did not come to close down other world religions. But to include them all if they are brave enough to accept what he came to give.
    There is abundant evidence pointing to the true meaning of Jesus’ words, “No one comes to the Father, but through me.” All religions are trying to get to the Father for healing, deliverance and material blessings. So, is it not common sense for the suffering masses of all religions including Christianity to finally recognize that the excellent and abundant examples of Healing, Signs and Wonders at the holy Scoan Church Nigeria are for all that suffer. Jesus said, “ I have come to make all things new.”

    In the Holy Jesus’ Time, there where people of all religions and races that came for the healing and deliverance that only he and his ANOINTED ones could do. It is written in the Holy Gospel, “and Jesus healed them all.” This type of healing has never been seen before in the entire history of the world.

    Whatever title a man of God chooses for himself to serve the masses is irrelevant. It is rather the holistic Holy Gospel the ANOINTED man of God uses to help the suffering masses that matter. Then the suffering masses will finally experience the awesome EVIDENCE of the LOVE of the MESSIAH as JESUS COMMANDED all anointed pastors/priests, etc to do, such things will be called Miracles, Signs and Wonder.
    Jesus commanded, ” As the Father sent Me, so send I you.”

  15. I am a Christian and not a member of SCOAN .I have also never visited SCOAN personally as I am not based in Lagos ,but when people say this man is not a man of God I disagree because was delivered by God through the watching of Emmanuel TV. I had an addiction I was battling with for over 20 years since my childhood ,including emotional pains ,low self esteem and an unforgiving spirit I suffered from even as an adult due to the way my mother treated me as a child.I also suffered from all kinds of spiritual limitations ,nightmares and bondage despite my years of praying.One day I coincidentally came across Emmanuel Tv and decided to start praying along with TB Joshua while touching my screen.I also started listenening to his preachings .Please note that I used to call him a false prophet before but because I was dying inside due to my many problems despite the fact that I had been praying for them to go away for over 2 decades ,I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly my story has changed! The addiction I used to pray and pray about that refused to go before I came across Emmanuel TV has finally left me after over 20 years.I no longer suffer from low self esteem,spiritual attacks and limitations . Anointing breaks yokes but I have also learnt that there are various levels of anointing among men of God.I guess TBJ’s level of anointing is very high that’s why many people don’t understand cuz to them it looks too good to be true.I am sharing this testimony because I know there are several christians out there still in need of help despite the fact that they have been praying and praying .My advice is that you should Just keep an open mind and follow Emmanuel TV particularly the Sunday mass prayer.Pray along fervently and with faith in your heart and see what happens.Enough said!

  16. People, all those of you who are condemning prophet tb joshua,someday will bite your tongue, and will regret speaking against God’s anointed. Some of you will run for deliverance but willnt receive it.I have read about some of those Nigerian pastors who are living like the devil himself(practicing,and mixing demonic worship) with Christianity yet you praise and exhalt them. But God send a holy,set apart man in your midst to deliver you…but you hate him.
    But when push comes to shove you will need the man you condemn..and who knows what will happen to you….(l am jamaican..living in USA). God bless and cover this true prophet of God…my mentor.

  17. If a prophet is not working to gather things of the world,not using satanic power for miracle,and freeing people from sins and evils,why calling him a fake prophet?

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