PSquare’s Paul & Peter Okoye In The Studio For 2016 New Album Weeks After Reunion

psquare 2016 album

August 16, 2016, 2016 – PSquare’s Paul & Peter Okoye In The Studio For 2016 New Album Weeks After Reunion

As we are all aware that PSquare musical duo, Peter and Paul Okoye have reconciled months after a bitter family feud put them apart.

The duo are currently working on their first album of 2016 to cover up their loss.

Hope this reunion lasts.

17 thoughts on “PSquare’s Paul & Peter Okoye In The Studio For 2016 New Album Weeks After Reunion

  1. God has finally answered my prayers… Enemies have been happy all those while that d duo separated.. Now it time to back fire. God win!!! I pray nothing will ever separate them again in Jesus Name. Amen.

    Devil u r fired. Gbam! God Win!!!! Gbam…….!!!

    And So….

    #LGO: Life Goes On#

  2. After you guys have noticed your wallet is fast going down the drain ,you suddenly come back to your senses.My advice to you guys is to separate and go solo then you guys will know the difference between Kpomo meat and leather. In Yoruba there is a saying that says “It is not death that kills a man but foolishness”.

  3. Pray u guys reunited for d right reasons and a sincere one @that else, your latter would be worst than the former #still_one_of_your_feal_fan

  4. I am so happy for u guys. Congratulations! Pls keep the fire burning! The Lord will uphold you ,and he will continue to put the devil to shame in your lives and families in jesus name..Thank you heavenly father.

  5. this fight will only make u guys stronger than before. cause when two heart love too much they must hv a strong disagreement for the relationship to stand for a life time, this was just a fuel to ride on as u guys go on with ur career . all the best. try not to let ur anger get as far is this past one was.

  6. It’s good that you people reconcile with each other because when a prayer warrior fail to pray, that’s when the enemies rejoices. when you people are fighting having dispute with one another, the other musicians are there rejoicing that you guys that are brother’s is fighting because of money or luxury thing on earth please you guys should learn how to put the past behind you and bear it in mind that one day, you guys will leave all the luxury things on earth. dust you come, dust you shall go. COME BACK PETER, COME BACK PAUL, Oh come back my two FANS and sit on a WALL (Nursery school Rhyme)

  7. Good thing they are back together.
    They should concentrate more in making good music & making things work between them.
    I don’t get their back & forth quarrel.
    All the best to them.

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