Ramsey Nouah & Wife Not Married: His Purported Wife, Emelia Philips Is His Baby Mama

ramsey nouah wife married

March 24, 2015 – Ramsey Nouah & Partner Not Married: His Purported Wife, Emelia Philips Nouah Is His Baby Mama

We all assume he is a married father of two but there is a twist to Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah’s marriage that is not yet in the public.

A Nollywood source informed one of our freelance reporters yesterday at a press briefing in Abuja that the man Ramsey Nouah didn’t marry his baby mama.

On rumours that the two had divorced, the source said there is nothing like divorce in a common-law relationship with no official marriage certificate.

This explains why the actor has never been spotted with a wedding ring.

Emelia philips ramsey nouah wife

The relationship between Emelia Philips and Ramsey Nouah produced two children, Quincy (boy) and Camil (girl).

9 thoughts on “Ramsey Nouah & Wife Not Married: His Purported Wife, Emelia Philips Is His Baby Mama

    • common law relationship is common in the western world.
      AFter 6 months of living together they are legally married

      • @Don Omaniyi,point of correction the two parties will be viewed in the eyes of D law as co-habitants which almost means marriage but it’s neither legal nor illegal in common law…thanks

    • I am from the United States. Married or no Married. He is the most good looking guy in Africa. I have watch several of his movies in the U.S. To be honest I would love to get to know him.

  1. Why don’t Africa people mind their own.
    blinking business? The interferance of his private.life.is.unacceptable.He cares.n cherish his family.And very good at his job. He’s.actually.made Nigeria proud

  2. Why.do Africa people.don’t mind their own BLINKING.business? The interferance of his private.life.is.unacceptable it’s got nothing to do with.his job .

  3. Not all common law is legal in the United, State there is some state that doesn’t recognize the common law views.

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