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RCCG Minister, Worship Leader Commits Suicide In Abuja… Michael Arowosaiye Hangs Self With Belt At Sunnyvale Estate

rccg worship leader commits suicide abuja

RCCG Minister, Worship Leader Commits Suicide In Abuja… Michael Arowosaiye Hangs Self With Belt At Sunnyvale Estate

A top music minister at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Michael Arowosaiye has ended his own life.

According to friends, Michael who has been struggling to get an accommodation since early this year took his own life yesterday Tuesday the 14th of May 2019 at Sunnyvale Estate in Abuja.

The deceased who battled depression took the desperate step around 4pm yesterday by hanging himself with his own belt.

What baffled many is the fact that he recently ministered at a praise event with no signs of depression.

michael arowosaiye dead

rccg worship leader commits suicide abuja photo

Another source said his battle with depression was caused by his struggle with accommodation problem and untold hardship caused by job loss.

Here is his last post on Facebook.

See comments from friends and fans of the deceased.

Omavowan Eferire – Oh my God ..what a colosal lost .

Okiche Godspower Edeh – I tell you it takes alot of high personal morale to run a ministry, no one would ever ask you if there’s any challenge and those who have arrived would always want you to suffer because they claim what they went through is fried rice compared to what you’re going through but I have never seen a biological father who allows the son to suffer in his riches because he suffered to acquire them.
Rest On Minister But You Loosed Faith and Let the Devil took Over.

Chioma Odoemena – Chaiiii it’s real oh depression God help ur children

Abigail Peter -And this is why our pastor’s should be helping their members with not buying private jet ooo..

Ruth Popoola -This can never be possible ,if he had pour out his mind to d pastorate ,trust me something would have been done earlier

Francis Otafia  – So many people look at depression a badly behaved mind set, but what they don’t realise is the mental battle people go through just to fight against the emotional stress of depression. It is a daily battle to look and feel positive, and it feels unnatural when you do feel confident infront of people. There is always that fear of making mistakes that bring back the depression.

Anytime you contemplating suicide go to your room, get naked and observe the hair around your anus! If these hairs can survive under those unfavourable conditions, buddy I can tell you without any shadows of doubt that there is hope for you anywhere you are! Say Amen!.

Adeyemi Ajibade Kenny –  pls kindly put this as a point of prayers in our homes. Every spirit of depression and suicide ministering ,let the power of the almighty God quench it. The devil is swinging it hard on the youths these days.

Melody OJ There is more to thus story… Due to accommodation? I can’t believe this…. Some how spiritual



  1. Jaiyeoba

    May 15, 2019 at 4:44 PM

    His death is not ordinary. May be he broke a woman’s heart

  2. nik

    May 15, 2019 at 8:29 PM

    You see that all does not seem to be what it is. Public figures suffers the same anguish as private people. With him holding the mike and singing, people dancing would probably want to be in his shoes.
    One wrong perception of Nigerians is, once you open your mouth to talk about your challenges of life, you are finished. Your pastor will probably fenced you off Pastor Wale Oke as you will be seen as a parasite.
    This is why most people choose to cope with their challenges alone. God help us!

  3. Jilo

    May 16, 2019 at 5:14 PM

    My thought I’d different on this issue. My understanding about his death may have some spiritual undertone. Although People may bec going through some problem in life, this is normal but only very small number will take away their life because of inability to pay rent.

    Has anyone ever thought that his death might have occurred because he was trying to secure power through a demonic way and through that process he had exposed himself to unclean spirit. Don’t trust anybody, at times, we never knew what some eminent people in our society have gone through inquest of trying to be powerful, rich, famous etc. it may be due to different reason or a curse from woman whom he has disappointed. This incidence is more of spiritual rather than inability to pay rent or depression.

  4. Adegbuyi Ifedolapo

    May 17, 2019 at 7:02 PM

    That is if truely he killed himself. Unfortunately in Nigeria, where investigations are not done at all or where done not thorough, once a case of death by hanging occurs, the case is already dismissed as suicide whereas sometimes they are homicide. I. E murder. It is not possible that the guy had been for to write his own ‘suicide’ letter by somebody, who later strangled him and hang him in his room to stage a suicide scene. The police should go and do a thorough investigation and not join the public to conclude he killed himself due to one problem or the other. Was he a new Comer to Nigeria? Was what he was going through the first challenge he went through in life? Why now. I beg, investigate wella. It is well.

  5. joy okro

    November 2, 2019 at 5:40 AM

    police should look into DAT matter.he may have been killed out of lealousy.investigate the occupants of that apartment. d black sheep is likely to be within them.jealousy a deadly disease

  6. joy okro

    November 2, 2019 at 5:44 AM

    people are terrible, cos of his high rising profile he may have been killed out of jealousy. human veins are wicked.police do ur work

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