RCCG Pastor Who Impregnates Choir Member Commits Suicide After She Refused Abortion

rccg pastor impregnates choir

Sept 11, 2012 – RCCG Pastor Who Impregnates Choir Member Commits Suicide After She Refused Abortion In Warri, Delta State

We recently shared with you the news of a Pastor who committed suicide in Warri, Delta State recently (read it here). naijagists.com

The circumstances surrounding his death wasn’t known at that time.

As at today, we have uncovered the mystery surrounding his death.

The Pastor is an RCCG Pastor in a parish in Enerhen, Warri, Delta State Nigeria.

Pastor Celestine Obaleme killed himself in order to escape shame inflicted on him by his illicit affair with one of his church’s choir member. naijagists.com

Pastor Celestine Obaleme who is in charge of a Redeemed Christian Church Of God Parish in Enerhen, Warri Delta State reportedly impregnated a choir member identified as Rose.

We learnt he later pleaded with Rose to terminate the pregnancy which she refused blatantly.

Rose claimed she doesn’t want to lose her life to the proposed abortion.

He went to extent of giving rose 2 Million Naira, which she refused , even after explaining to her that her refusal to abort the pregnancy may lead to the fall of the parish.

After all efforts to force Rose to terminate the pregnancy failed, he was reported to have drove himself to Udu Bridge, a popular bridge in Warri.

He then poured petrol on himself, lit himself and was burnt to death.

Late Pastor Celestine was a married man with an 8-weeks old baby.

May the Lord have mercy on his soul!

52 thoughts on “RCCG Pastor Who Impregnates Choir Member Commits Suicide After She Refused Abortion

  1. …can u imagin, wer wil d soul of d pastor b ni… Na wa o… Pple wil begin 2 loose fate in pastors soon. Endtime tins

  2. Ehya… Its pitiful story. He shouldnt kill himself but ask God for forgivness. God is always ready to forgive sins. So bad

  3. Beheading is not the medicine to headache. I think it is better for him to face whatever ridicule, disgrace, demote etc here on earth than the costly curse he has placed on himself. May God have mercy on us.

  4. No one owns live, why taketh thy entrusted live for unjust that God can make just in true repentance, why this Judas act? Have mercy on us each time we turn from our unwhite Lord.

  5. No one owns live and no one should take it. God is a merciful God, full of forgiveness towards a sinner that turn from his unwhite and aknowledge Him. Why this Judas act? You and I are not exempted from God’s forgiveness.

  6. Oops! were will such pple go, we all are products of mistakes.pastor you wud have let the world hate you for what you did but make sure the race to heaven never pass you by. But as a pastor i wonder the type of bible you have handled in your ministry.

  7. Heaven and Hell are real, those who serve God in true heaaven await them but sycophannce, prepare to meet ur master the devil in the hell fire

  8. Wonders shall never end. Some Nigeria pastors are digrace 2 our society.God save 9ja 4rm ds evil men parading themself as men of God.

  9. None dat comit suicide will ever rest in peace.is a sin against God. Let stop dis religious act of” Rest in Peace”

  10. Girls! Ladies!! Women!!!, plssss stay clear out of d way of pastors, d female gender have really brought down many anointed man of GOD

  11. Be careful children of God remember that d kingdom of God sofered violent and d violent take it by force pls learn from this

  12. the truth is that we’re all sinners, suicide is not encouraged, because, we have being made right with God through Christ Jesus. Relocation was all he needed not suicide.

  13. Pastor!!! All have sin and fallen short of the glory of God, all you needed to do was ask God for forgiveness. Peeps please always pray for your pastors cos they face a lot of temptation than ordinary member. The devil is always out to destroy them.

  14. Am sure the pastors must have pray to God for forgiveness before he died. Live the pastor alone and start thinking about your own self.

  15. It’s time the church should accept that d Bible never command one man one wife. Most pastors do same. Had abortion taken place, u pop will still be saying book that pastor is holy. Shine ur eyes now oo

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