High School Student Auctions Virginity To Pay Sick Mother’s Medical Bill

student auctions virginity sick mother

Jan 3, 2013 – Rebecca Bernardo, High School Student Puts Her Virginity For Sale To Pay Sick Mother’s Medical Bill In Brazil

Rebecca Bernardo, an 18-yr-old Brazilian high school student has followed the steps of a Brazilian model, Catarina Migliorini by auctioning off her virginity to pay for her sick mother‘s medical bill. www.naijagists.com

Rebecca’s mother suffered stroke and has been bedridden for a while but her daughter who chose to take her to the hospital for treatment is not working. She is still in high school.

To cut the long story short, she auctioned off her virginity in order to secure enough money to fund the treatment of her ailing mother.

So far she has received $35,000 as the highest bid.

In an announcement she made on Youtube, she said: ‘I made up my mind right after my 18th birthday. That’s when my mother suffered a stroke.

Rebecca who hails from Sapeacu town in Brazil said she recently got a job as a waitress but the cost of caring for her ailing mother is much more than what she is making because her mom depends on others to feed her and take proper bath.

On the contrary, her mother said in an interview with CNN that she is not in support of her daughter prostituting herself to source funds for her treatment.

Rebecca Bernardo said she got the inspiration from a Brazilian girl by the name of Catarina Migliorini, who recently sold her virginity for $780,000. Read Catarina’s story here.