Born Again Christian Gets Jesus Christ Tattoos Design On His Back

jesus christ tattoos

Jan 3, 2013 – Terry O’Neill, Born-Again Christian Gets Jesus Christ Tattoos Designs On His Back

A very proud born again Christian by the name of Terry O’Neill recently gets an intricate design of Jesus Tattoo on his back in a bid to show his faith.

Terry got the tattoo at a salon in Adlington in Bolton.

While others think he might be crazy, Terry cares less.

I’m a born again believer who loves the Lord Jesus and am proud of Him.

If the people of the world can do it, why not me?

According to the daily mail UK, he was quoted saying: ‘I’m a born-again Christian. I don’t think I was a nice person before I became a Christian. I’ve had a lot of lucky escapes and have been in some bad situations.

Now this is extreme love.

23 thoughts on “Born Again Christian Gets Jesus Christ Tattoos Design On His Back

  1. Hahahahahaha! This is Laughable. We should carry Jesus in our hearts and let it reflect in our life style and not to tatoo body with human being/actor that played the role of Jesus Christ in a film.

  2. Christ should be seen in us through our character, not my tattoos our body.
    remember, your body is the temple of God can he be in the temple were tattoos of another person face is? please dat is not the right way to show jesus.

  3. Dis is indeed insane he neva sees Jesus b4 and hes saying rum well i dnt think its is faut u knw oyibo guys like cartoon i think dats d one he has been watching in bible story or maybe he’s grand dad told him fairy tales

  4. Menh!!! Dis is a real fuck dat suck. Aw funny 4 my fellow broda to av d tatoo of Jesus just to show aw crasy he is abt Him! Aw sure is he as concernin d real image of Jesus,abi he don reach heaven bfore?
    ….all i can say is dat d guy is a luver of tatoo and a big fan of Mel Gibson series. And truly Jesus dey make him kolo,he shld live a life wat pleasin 4 him!

  5. It is rubbish. Jesus whom he does’nt even know and have nt seen before. I dn’t think you are a Geniune Christain. Infact your act is from the devil

  6. I wonder why Nigerians like to mimic and emulates stuff either good or bad.? I observe the 1st 2 to 3 comment always win the league on this block!! C”omon I read vertualyy all post and I still cnt beliave ppl are still doing ” Mr follow follow “as the africa music legend sings way back,,, let’s change the trend it’s a brand new year,,, be urself !

  7. wao! This is unbelievable. E mi o gbo ri. but i hav to verify b4 i cn mak any coment. But i thnk d guy is nearly mad.

  8. Why is it so easy to critized people…..we all don’t know exactly the religion that is going to save us….but go by the holy book which is BiBLE thy shall not judge.yet that is the first thing we do..are we better..he has a tattoo…..on his…..and that already is a sin….how about you that don’t have a tattoo yet back bite and judge……we are sinners and we need Gods grace to be save….pls u all should ask for forgiveness..and don’t be the first to cast the stone……cos u are also a sinner…..

  9. Nobdy knw he Jesus looks, except tru de word of God, i fink she is havin sumtn else @ his bk and bfore u knw it she wl start havin terible nitemares.

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