Born Again Christian Gets Jesus Christ Tattoos Design On His Back


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Jan 3, 2013 – Terry O’Neill, Born-Again Christian Gets Jesus Christ Tattoos Designs On His Back

A very proud born again Christian by the name of Terry O’Neill recently gets an intricate design of Jesus Tattoo on his back in a bid to show his faith.

Terry got the tattoo at a salon in Adlington in Bolton.

While others think he might be crazy, Terry cares less.

I’m a born again believer who loves the Lord Jesus and am proud of Him.

If the people of the world can do it, why not me?

According to the daily mail UK, he was quoted saying: ‘I’m a born-again Christian. I don’t think I was a nice person before I became a Christian. I’ve had a lot of lucky escapes and have been in some bad situations.

Now this is extreme love.