Ejike Mbaka Demoted: Catholic Priest Punished, Moved Into One Room Apartment


ejike mbaka demoted

January 31, 2016 – Rev Ejike Mbaka Demoted: Catholic Priest Punished, Moved Into One Room Apartment To Serve Under Another Priest Over Jonathan’s Defeat

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  • Adoration Ministry’s Priest Ejike Mbaka Demoted To Resident Priest, Transferred To Our Lady Parish In Emene, Enugu State To Serve Under Another Priest

At last, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has bowed out of Christ The King Parish of the Catholic Church in Enugu after 20 years of faithful service.

The entire Enugu stood still for Mbaka yesterday as over 30 lorries accompanied by thousands of his followers escorted him to Our Lady Parish.

ejike mbaka one room apartment

He is now serving under another priest.

Mbaka however told his faithfuls that he will suffer, moving from a duplex to a room in his new parish but asked them not to worry that God has bigger plans for him.

Hear his words:

“I know we are going to suffer; between now and few months to come, I am going to suffer; I am going to suffer because I have no place to lay my head; I am going to suffer because I have no place to keep the Ministry’s assets; I know I am going to suffer because I have not lied.It’s going to happen in the month of Lent; so I am going to use my exit here to observe the Lent. But Jesus said it to His apostles in John 16:20, ‘You will be sorrowful and the world will be rejoicing but very soon I will turn your sorrows to joy.’ So I am waiting for that moment because for now I know we are going to suffer. The Adoration Ministry is passing through suffering right now; even though I have accepted it as the will of God; it is the will of God through suffering; it is a mega suffering. But however, the grace of God will carry us all; even though some of you may pray that God should remove this thorn from us, the scripture says ‘His grace is sufficient for us; for its even in your weakness that the power of God is demonstrated. So we are moving but don’t forget the scriptures, ‘my brothers they make me keeper of vineyards, my own vineyard I keepeth not. All these while we have been keeping vine­yards, building for Christ The King Parish…Bishop Gbuji asked them, how much …but because I don’t want to disclose my charity, they can’t keep that account. How many trailer loads of cement came here? All the monies I made from my cassette and other private crusades all of them were used to build this church. We cannot quantify it but let God be glorified.” ­

“It is the will of God; and when the will of God either permissive or however, happens, nobody should question it. All you have today is Amen.”