Richest Men In Nigeria Today

richest men in nigeria 2012

May 15, 2012 – Richest Men In Nigeria

Richest men in Nigeria today are the current mover and shakers of Nigeria’s financial industry.

Without wasting your time, the current richest men in Nigeria are;

Richest Men In Nigeria 2012

1. Mr Aliko Dangote

richest man in nigeria

He is the owner of Dangote group of Companies in Nigeria. He’s got no formal education and has been into business since his teenage years.

Aliko Dangote is the current richest man Nigeria and the richest man in the whole of Africa. He has been featured on Forbes Magazine several times.

richest man in africa aliko dangote

Aliko Dangote’s Net Worth: As of November 2011, he worths $10.1 Billion

Source Of Wealth: Sugar production, Cement production, Flour production business

Age: 55 years old

Residence: Currently resides in Lagos State, Nigeria

Marital Status: Married with three children

Lesson Learnt From Aliko Dangote’s Success

  • While knowledge acquired through education is highly essential, it’s never the only key to success in life. A determination to succeed and persistent focus is the key to success in any endeavour.

2. Mike Adenuga

Mike-Adenuga 2nd richest man in nigeria

Mr Mike Adenuga is the 2nd richest man in Nigeria today. He’s into telecommunication business and currently nets $4.1 Billion.

He is 57 years Old, married and currently resides in Lagos State Nigeria.

He is the CEO of Globacom and has stake in Equitorial Trust Bank.

3. Jim Ovia

jim ovia

The third richest man in Nigeria is Jim Ovia. His net worth is $775 Million.

The 57 years old made his fortune in Banking/Investing.

4. Theophilus Danjuma

theophilus danjuma

The 72 year old business man worths $600 Million. He made his fortune in Oil business.

5. Oba Otudeko

Oba Otudeko

The 67 year old Monarch is 5th richest man in Nigeria today. He’s one of the richest Monarchs in Nigeria.

He made his fortune in Telecommunication and Manufacturing business.

Net Worth: $550 Million

6. Hakeem Belo-Osagie


56 year old Osagie is the 6th richest man in Nigeria today. He made his fortune in Telecom business and worths $450 Million

7. Abdulsalam Rabiu

The 7th richest man in Nigeria today worths $400 Million. He made his fortune in Sugar, cement and flour manufacturing business.

8. Mohammed Indimi

Mohammed Indimi

The 63 year old business man made his fortune in Oil business. He currently nets $330 Million.

In conclusion, I believe there are more rich people in Nigeria that the above mentioned with the exception of Aliko Dangote.

Making it in life requires determination, focus and persistence.

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  2. I am really impressed by these revelations and inspirations of these richest men.I have traveled many times to Nigeria and like the business and faith spirit of Nigeria business men even from the low level.I really wish to have the least of the richest among them to invest in Ghana in the area of Banking and Real Estate in a very,very exclusive way from my ideas and critical studies of what most people are doing in these areas in Ghana now.God should touch their hearts to pass some of their knowledge to some of us the struggling youth who have ideas and want to invest.

  3. i am really impressed as my brother albert allotey seed. the almighty GOD that bles dam well also bles me. laet the rich man help the poor.from stanley i eze

  4. They should use part of their wealth to help the suffering masses in the Country. Emulate the Bill Gates, Opras and others. These are people using their wealth to fight hunger. malaria and HIV all over the World. Where is Dangote with all his $ billions?

  5. Life is a jorny, he who rich the top will wait 4 others thats is coming. As 4 me i’m rich is just a mater of time. In nigeria i have never seen a rich man in it. My reasons are (1) they can never help u if they don’t no ur family 2) they help in maker goods to be costly 4 the nigerian 3) they take our own to multiply theirs. Etc, if u need more write to me with this number (08161268479) how make times have their goods and services rise they agree to lower the price upon they have money.They don’t have money.

  6. Upon all this money they have, one tin i notice is dat ,dis rich men there money always go from Richmen to richmen dey wil never help d poor’ people

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  10. pls God touch our new president to remeber d poor people we are dieing in hunger , i knw that only u can help us in dis bad condition, is because of our wicked govt i knw general buhari wii try him own best is for u too asisst him God

  11. Assalam Alaikum, i have alot of interest in operating computer but i need one of this richest man in nigeria to help me in succesful in this plan help me and may god be with u abourdantly and may you live your life in quit vey and healthy amen.*08130054884

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