Rita Dominic Dazzles At Lagos Fashion & Design Week

rita dominic lagos fashion week

Oct 28, 2013 – Rita Dominic Dazzles At Lagos Fashion & Design Week

Just like her colleague, Genevieve Nnaji who stormed Lagos Fashion and design week in a casual yellow dress, Nollywood actress Rita Dominic was also spotted at the event rocking a green dress with matching shoes and purse.

Check out Genny’s outfit below:

genevieve nnaji lagos fashion weekgenevieve nnaji yellow dress

Genevieve Nnaji vs Rita Dominic: Pick your favourite

9 thoughts on “Rita Dominic Dazzles At Lagos Fashion & Design Week

  1. Rita that’s hot,from the hair to the length of the dress,d color and style of the dress,is a wrap.genny’s outfit is perfect for the show since is a fashion minus the color of her shoe.but I will Rita’s outfit anytime anywhere.I love everything Rita had on.

  2. Ms Red my Dearest, u r a good observant esp whn it comes 2 fashion. U‘ve just spoken my mind here, i go 4 Rita all d way.
    It‘s disgustin hw some pple hv eyes n cannot c wt dem. Whr is dat Cocoa girl 4rm d westhern Nigeria?

  3. Rita’s dressing is matured and is fine on her but for Genvieve she dressed like someone going for a party. Please she need to be dressing responsible.

  4. both are powerful and good dressers anytime anyday. everyday cannot be the same. Genny outfit fits d occasion so alsp]o rita. u continue to be my be my best ladies. haters back off

  5. My sweet Hunter lets forget about the little girl who just want to be notice for all the wrong reason.that’s why I always tell my friends to comment on what they know very very well in case you are asked to define it.am very happy that Rita pulled the exact combination I stated early even before I saw this pic and people loved it & her creativity.no body is always perfect at all times not even computer or our leaders what matters or shows maturity is how you handled the situation and the end result.lets learn how to love one another.

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