Rita Dominic Flaunts Sexy Legs In MmaKamba Eka Suede Wrap Dress [PHOTOS]


rita dominic sexy legs

March 29, 2017 – Rita Dominic Flaunts Sexy Legs In Blue MmaKamba Eka Suede Wrap Dress [PHOTOS]

Check out Nollywood actress Rita Dominic showing off her powerful legs in this lovely Suede dress by MmaKamba.

Mmakamba is a relatively new women wear line designed to beautify curvy African women.

Eka Suede Wrap Dress By MmaKamba

Now that the Nollywood diva has rocked it, we expect business to boom for the new fashion line.

Here is another model rocking the same outfit as Rita.

8 thoughts on “Rita Dominic Flaunts Sexy Legs In MmaKamba Eka Suede Wrap Dress [PHOTOS]

  1. This baby na aka-aka oo, same face and everything year in, year out. Ageless beauty, Rita keep it up, i am strongly behind you.

  2. You better stop decieving this people, you guys are their problem telling them they are beautiful, Ageless beauty indeed. All what u see is make up nothing but make up she is old woman. she is in her menopause already. So no hope for her to be a mother, if i am lieing tell her to prove me wrong.

  3. @talker please dont be too quick to judge others live them to their GOD what you are thinking is not what they are thinking you are not GOD that give children there is no menopause with the almighty instead of commenting negatively it is better you pray for them not mocking them.
    Please don’t misunderstand me its just all about the realities of life some times people you write off God might use them to surprise you that he is more than able to do all things

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