Safety Concerns As Prostitutes Flood Asaba Delta State Over Economic Hardship

prostitutes asaba delta state

September 11, 2016 – Safety Concerns As Prostitutes Flood Asaba Delta State Over Economic Hardship

Asaba Delta state residents have decried the increase in commercial sex activities in the city, in spite of the warning by health officials on the consequences of the vice.

The residents expressed their concerns about the high rate of the menace in separate interviews on Sunday.

They advised the women involved in the act to have a change of heart considering the health, religious and other consequences of prostitution and called for appropriate measures to curb the trend.

One of the residents, Mr Nnamdi Nkenor, disclosed that commercial sex workers often lurked around Texas Plaza and Stephen Keshi Stadium, both located along the popular Nnebisi Road at night, looking for patronage.

Nkenor reminded the women, who he said were in their teens, and some not above 35 years, that they were prone to contracting and spreading HIV and AIDs and other sexually-transmitted diseases.
He said also that such women could easily fall victims of ritual killing that had become rampant in the society.

“Times are hard but these girls have forgotten the consequences of what they are indulging in. Apart from the health implications, some of them could be used for rituals.’’
He called on the appropriate authorities to check the menace as was done in 2014, advising that such measures should be sustained.

On his part, Mr Emmanuel Okpara, said that the sex workers were also found around Ibusa Road junction, Coker Junction, Jesus Saves Road and other strategic areas in the city.

“These women of easy virtues have thrown caution to the wind in spite of the sensitisation on the dreaded HIV and AIDS.
“Some of them can get missing and their colleagues will just think that they have simply relocated to other places.
“Prostitution is wrong; it is against Christianity and parents should bring up their children to be responsible members of the society,” Okpara said.

He also called on government to provide jobs for the youths, saying that the high rate of the vice and others was largely due to unemployment.


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  2. “i go use wetin i get take get wetin i need” that is the most popular saying among ladies nowadays..they just want miracle all they need is to make money without stress forgetting that even to BLEEP na work (because some men go bleep you till they get satisfied that there money is not wasted then you go home and open fan to blow you your kitty)some ladies love made men and already established men they want life with ease.
    Chai!!! see as this ladies they play with konji i noticed all the complainant were men and i believe they must have being completely tempted before voicing out.. i hate when people blame indiscent act on the bad economy there are millions of ladies out their making ends meet without getting involve in such dirty behaviour… this set of ladies forget that they are prone to contacting diseases STDs HIV AIDS and Even rituals..
    My advice to wife around this area is that you should try and hook your husband very well. don’t let this people snatch your husband from you or better still you can start changing sEx position because this desperate girls can do anything to achieve their aim.. wives are also encouraged to start caress for their husband in other for them not look outside because it is not easy for a man to hold konji oo

  3. i also believe this people can Lodge their complains through the appropriate channel (i.e. the government).. at least the government can come to their aid by chasing this hustlers off the street and putting them all together in one place this i believe can go along way to help situations.

    #clueless human

  4. I got a lot to say about this but I will want to reserve my comment until further notice. However, poverty and economics hardships shouldn’t in anyway serve as d major reasons for prostitution and should not be taken as an excuse. Believe it or leave it, some ladies have prostitution in their blood, nomatter how wealth they might become today, they will hardly renounce prostitution. Prostitution is as a result of greed, poverty and economic hardship, lack of satisfaction, over influences by friends, quick riches, curse or spell from friends/family/neighbours/co-workers/ etc, rape at childhood, family background and upbringing, revenge for contacting HIV/AIDS, poor performance of partner on bed, etc… Prostitution is actually nothing but stupidity, selling out d beautiful fruits God planted in ur in d name of money.

    Our Governments are looters, kidnappers, robbers, Scammers, ritualist, murderers, deceivers, liars, prostitutors, traffickers, drugs and weapons smugglers, etc and yet are always in charge of the people.. Governments are the ones who encouraged all the evil and unrepentant acts in the country today and always.. A pot shouldn’t be calling kettle black.
    (only d wise will understand what I have written above)

    Anyway for those ladies who seems to be saying that lack of job and economic hardships led them to prostitution, please I have some hot jobs for you gals in different position from different employers as thus:

    1. Hunting (Employer: D HUNTER)
    Applicant must be able to hunt in Sambisa forest. transportation is free, free weapon, free daily food 3x a day. Skills required: Ability to shoot one bullet and kill two grass cutters at a time, Ability to run home when wild animal and book haram Chases u without you screaming “D Hunter Heeeelllp me ooo”.. Salary: Varies from 100k – 200k per week depending on how many pythons u can kill per week fr the employer. (Easiest way to get rich)

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    3. Cockrel farming and restaurant (Employer: BIG AUNT KOK)
    This one don’t have much stress but applicant must be able to train Cockrels to weigh a minimum of 18kg in one month and be able to prepare sweet Cockrels pepper soup. But take note that if one meat miss, one month salary forfeited. One Cockrel miss, means back to prostitution in kikiri prison. Salary varies from #50k-150k, free food, free tp, etc.

    4. Metu Maternity home (Employers: METU NYETU N HUCHENNAR)
    5. Security assistants (Employers: MaryF n FIFELOMO)
    8. ETC…..
    (I reserved my comments fr 4,5,6, etc.. Their pay is very very good oo and interesting but ehmm ….. make I no talk o to avoid hot slap. Odi egu ooo…

    Please all interested hard working applicants should report to my office in person for private interview. Failure to apply means prostitution is in ur blood (No be me talk am oo).
    Good Luck.

    And So…..

    #LGO: Life Goes On..#

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  6. @ Tendy and @ Koolz, una mind una sef o! Big Aunty Koks went to church and the preaching said “be kind to your neighbors” so I decided not to comment about this story; only to have some people find my trouble.
    Weeeeell, I am determined not to fall into that temptation however. Una provoke me to talk.

    Sooooo, no comment!!!

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