Sales Girl Jailed For Stealing Mercy Aigbe’s Blackberry Passport Phone At Her Boutique

sales girl steals mercy aigbe blackberry phone

Oct 22, 2015 – Lady Jailed For Stealing Mercy Aigbe’s Blackberry Passport Phone At Mag Divas Boutique In Omole Lagos

A lady identified as 38-year-old Adenowo Idowu has been jailed for allegedly stealing Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe’s BlackBerry Passport phone in Lagos.

The luxury phone valued at over N370,000 was stolen on the 19th of October 2015 at Aigbe-owned Mag Divas boutique in Ojodu.

The suspect who pleaded not guilty was remanded in prison yesterday.

The hearing will hold on the 11th of November 2015.

10 thoughts on “Sales Girl Jailed For Stealing Mercy Aigbe’s Blackberry Passport Phone At Her Boutique

  1. Have u seen a tangible confirmation that she stole the phone truly. Pls don’t punish anyone without been guilty oooooooo
    It ȋ̝̊̅§ offensive

  2. Rubbish, so bcos of blackbarry phone you want to suffer your follow woman child? who is she? (actress?) if i may ask, why is she so careless dat she can not handle her phone very well? i dnt know wat dis conutry is tuning into, Government should look into dis matter vry well.

  3. Are you saying because she is an actress she shouldn’t look for what belongs to her? Am sure if you were in her shoes, you would do the same or even worse. Let’s be real.

  4. I think the actress should have just taken back her phone and forgive the lady so she doesn’t get jailed cos of bb considering that she can afford to even buy another phone.

  5. Abegi bb passport is about 130k market value,I sold mine 85k based on say I don tear the nylon use am for 2weeks.
    Abegi celebrity my foot,your father.
    I sure say the bitch for dey make mouth for who steal her phone,women are useless and are all bitches.
    F**k you mercy aigbe the benin prostitue,my own personal guy don f**k her tire,she dey bill guys 300k upward for her p**sy.


  6. Good moves many thieves in that our nation. Let her be punished all of you supporting the girl may be you are all thieves as well. Sorry to say that. The thieve thieve in our nation is too much. I cannt stand people who steal at all.

    I hired a house help and all she did was to steal my children’s stuff and mine. Very difficult to hire anyone in Nigeria. The best way to be a good Nigeria is just to live the nation and go live in a good nation.

  7. Abeg’s not about just phone im sure, it’s about all the important things on the phone. Pls don’t blame her. If it was you guys that believe someone close to you steal your phone, I’m sure you will do worst. Anyways…… mercy pls live the girl to god if she still insist that sh did not take your phone.

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