See What Lanre Gentry Said About Mercy Aigbe When The Going Was Good

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April 30, 2017 – See What Lanre Gentry Said About Mercy Aigbe When The Going Was Good

Excerpt of Mercy Aigbe’s estranged hubby, Lanre Gentry’s interview with City People before their marriage problem started.

How did you meet Mercy? How did your mom accept Mercy?

What happened was after the crash of my first marriage and after the ‘wahala’, I had with my ex-wife. I took her to the Police Station. People tried to beg me to leave her. The female police officer on the case then was my friend. The lady told me to leave this woman (my ex-wife) don’t kill yourself, because of a woman. I now asked her will you marry me? If I let her go. My brother you can’t imagine what I went through.

I went to Abidap Hotel, somebody called me that they saw my wife at Abidap. The police woman now called me, where are you, I told her. She now said this man you will kill yourself ooo. I now started agonizing how am I going to cope with the 3 kids she has for me. It was then 10 years marriage. The lady said I should come and see her. In this life I always say God has plan for everything. When the lady said I should let her go, I left her. I started my life all over again.

How did you meet Mercy?

I met Mercy through one Muyiwa. Mercy was not into acting then. Mercy was a staff of Zenith Bank for 6 months. When I saw her with him, I told him I like this girl ooo. That day she didn’t even answer. She is not friendly. I said ok. I now begged Muyiwa that I want the girl to befriend me. I said I want to just be her friend. If you can link me to her I will give you N20,000. He went to her house in Maryland.

He now said he has talked to her and she said she does not need a boyfriend. She needs a husband, that she is not ready to do boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. I said no problem. He took me to her house in Maryland and on getting there, I met one lady, Bimbo. I was inside my car. Bimbo called her out. She refused. I now told Bimbo to talk to Mercy, that if she agrees I will give her N50,000. Talk to her.
She said, Mercy now came to meet me in the car. She said ok, I am sorry Mr. Lanre, don’t be angry. I have my fiancée. I can’t double date. I said nooo.

I don’t say you should date me. I just want you as a friend. Let’s just be friends. Bimbo now said, Uncle Lanre, don’t worry. I will talk to her. That is why I said anything God wants there will be away.

The following week, somebody just leaked the secret of the boyfriend to me that the guy has a wife in Ikorodu. That the wife of the guy stays with the mother of the guy with 3 children. And my wife hates one thing–lying. She does not lie. You can depend on what she says. She went there to check it out, met his mother and asked who owns the child. She said it is the guy, and that the lady out there is his wife.
She just called me and said Lanre where are you? I said I am at home.

She said come and pick me. I was shocked! I said pick you? I rushed there. I met her crying. She said just take me out of here. Bimbo was there. She told me what happened. I now said I told you that is how we men are. That is how we started.

So, tell us more about your wife, Mercy

Many people don’t know Mercy. She’s homely. She is ready to keep her marriage. She wants to keep her home at all costs. She has made our marriage work. There was a time they said we fought in one hotel. It is a lie ooo. We didn’t fight. Like in every relationship there will be occasional arguments from time to time but is that a fight? I am not used to beating women. I have never beaten a woman. I can’t beat Mercy. Even my children I can’t beat them. I don’t have the time to start beating women or argue over anything.

How have you been coping being married to a celebrity like Mercy with this their lifestyle of being on location all the time?

You know, I am an hotelier, and a car dealer. The 2 are tough businesses. I usually leave my hotel late at 12 midnight, sometimes 1 am here till 2 am. My wife always makes food for me. She always makes sure I am happy and anywhere I am. She calls me. She is a dutiful wife. We speak regularly. She is not a party person. Wherever she chooses to go, by 6 p.m. or 7 pm. she will start to feel sleepy. That is why we call her Ororo, because she sleeps quickly.

She hardly goes for events. I always force her to honour events. I always tell her to go oo because she too will need them. That is why they always invite me, to events so that I can bring her along.

Have you ever felt intimidated by her success?

Nooo! She is the celebrity, not me. I look at her as my wife. I always enjoy how people rush to her to take photographs with her. She is the star, not me. At times, when she does not want to answer them, I always tell her nooo, you have to answer them ooo. Go and snap with them. That is one thing I have changed in her.

I told her that no matter how small a person is, or no matter how poor a person is, human being is human being. I am happy for her. I am older than her. I am a matured person. And she accords me my respect. We have been married for 12 years. My son is 6 years.

6 thoughts on “See What Lanre Gentry Said About Mercy Aigbe When The Going Was Good

  1. When the going is good you are “darling” but when affection wanes your name is “look here “.

  2. Big Anti Kok, you have say it all. Is a national filomina say the world is dey like that bicos nobody is liking you again if you are change like APC. Mercy Aigbe have change like APC. Also, Lanre have change like APC. Is a thing of things fall rappat. Na Chinua Achebe write am.

  3. Every relationship has its ups and downs. We should just pray they can work things out. I don’t believe that Lanre is a wife beater, though. He seems like a complete gentleman. I hope Mercy is not the aggressor. God help them both.

  4. @ Lola O, What other proof do you need to accept that Lanre Gentry is a wife beater? Since the battered face isn’t enough, If he kills the woman maybe you will be convinced. Mercy said it all, she was enduring hoping he will change, but the beast never did.

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