See The Most Beautiful Snake In The World (Photo)

world's most beautiful snake

April 22, 2013 – See The Most Beautiful Snake In The World (Photo)

The word snakes makes reptiles lovers wonder in amazement while others cringe with fear.

Whether we hate snakes or love them, one thing that can’t be denied is their beauty.

Pictured above is the most beautiful snake in the world.

What an amazing wonder of nature.

32 thoughts on “See The Most Beautiful Snake In The World (Photo)

  1. God you are an awesome wonder,see the color creative is my creator,whether dangerous or not,God makes perfect things,afterall some humans are more dangerous than snakes

  2. Every body is right about his or her view about a particular subject.
    Nothing is evil and at thesame time,every thing is evil.
    GOD is a flawless creator,so nothing bad or evil about God’s creation.
    That snake is the most beautiful snake on earth;we mustn’t conclude yet,until we av find millions of reasons why we should conclude.
    Snake sinned against us,while we crucified and put JESUS to death.

  3. Accordin to isaiah 65 vs 25 it will do no arm in God kingdom when the earth is made a paradise cos it food will be dust accordin to the book of isaiah a young child will put it hand in the mouth of a cobra it will do no harm

  4. There iz nofin gud or beautiful abt any snake cos is evil,iz it d colour r we talking abt here?mind u,D beauty of all living creatures doesn’t depends on d colour of dia skin bt dia internal behaviour,D colour of dis snake looks lyk rainbow bt iz poisonous wch portrays d sign of evil…!

  5. This snake is attractive and the most beautiful crawling creature i’ve ever seen. No doubt it is evil buh it is God’s creation so it is beautiful. We humans say it is dangerous buh we forget that we are more dangerous, wicked and heartless than this animal buh we still say we are beautiful because we were created by the Almighty God.

  6. The photo is a particularly colorful example of the San Francisco garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia) the common garter snake of the United States. It is completely innocuous, and eats primarily small frogs.

  7. The snake is beautiful because of the colors. Religion is just a way to separate people and spread hate. 9/11 was an inside job , Hitler was actually Jewish , Tupac is alive , and your life is a lie. Pretty snake though. Thanks jesus.

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