Segun Arinze & Banker Fight Dirty Over N50K, Actor Begs Man To Return Money Mistakenly Paid Into GTB

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August 16, 2015 – Segun Arinze & Banker Fight Dirty Over N50K, Nollywood Actor Begs Man To Return Money Mistakenly Paid Into His GTBank Account

Nollywood actor Segun Arinze has warned a banker he mistakenly deposited 50,000 Naira into his bank account to return the money.

Hear Segun Arinze version of the story:

“I mistakenly paid 50k into the account of one Okoli Chukwunon account number 0024438520 Access bank. When I realised my mistake I called my bank GT connect to report and I was asked to contact the bank of the beneficiary (Access bank) I went there and spoke with a lady staff Omolola (ogunlana branch) who was kind enough to contact the Nonso guy. He claimed he work with keystone bank mbaise branch. I identified myself and he asked that Access should send him a mail. Which they did.
Since then he’s been giving me the run around. Yesterday he shouted at me and hung on me. His name Okoli Chukwunonso 08037376844. This not so much about the money but the idea of being honest. What is not yours please kindly return. I have heard of various incidences of this kind. People should learn to be honest and banks should find a way of penalizing such unscrupulous acts. Mr Okoli Chukwunonso kindly return my money. You claim to be a banker, so you should know better.

The rich also cry…. no be so??

17 thoughts on “Segun Arinze & Banker Fight Dirty Over N50K, Actor Begs Man To Return Money Mistakenly Paid Into GTB

  1. He is a broke ass ni**a how much is 50k, I can even pay you 150 right now f**l let me have your account #

    • Lols @ Dotun. Well, sometimes, it depends on condition. As you can see, he was paying someone. Probably his debt. You never can tell.

    • Brother, this is nothing about being broke! 50k might seem very small, but the circumstances surrounding is dubious and no one, no matter how rich should ignore the 50k

      • Dotun KY you are big **************** people like you are the type i have been praying to die out of our dear nation!! you are criminally minded!! the money is not for him he should return it. it’s not his sweat, why should he forget about it… idio-t people like you have spoil t the name of our dear nation!

  2. @Dotun just listen to urself, are u saying that the stupid Nonso should go with something that does not belong to him just because Segun is a big guy ? Pls let be sincere to ourselves can u forget 10k just like that ? Beside i just called the Nonso guy his phone was off.

  3. Dotun KY, u jst reveald by dis sardistic sarcasm of yours wat a depraved mind u hav. Y shdnt dat guy return wat dznt belong 2 him? Ur lending him support can only mean u equally hav stealing tendencies. Ironically, dis is how poor men reason: they beliv dat rich men alwz hav d money 2 throw about, &dat is Y they expect 2 much frm pple & are hardly satisfied, & wil 4eva remain poor if they dnt barnish dat mindset.

    I gues there’s no big deal here. It’s not about d guy being willing 2 pay or not; d concernd bank shd program it such dat any amount dat enters dat account is swept into Segun’s until dat debt is fully paid.

  4. No be dis yeye man snub obasanjo last time in Zambia ,see your life now,i use 50k to fuel my car weekly when i come to Nigeria ,imagine,see how hunger don wire him big eye,ole,ask GEJ to help you now,mumu

  5. This is not about rich or poor,is about ur right, and honest, working as a banker,useles banker, return the money ,or they sack him from that job.those are the banker clearing death person acct,immedately they know that person is late,they children can get kobo from their love ones. my father death 13 yrs this month, we can get is money out,after spending more than 50k,we stop distoping our self,paying,going to court,come to 2day come 2mrow,bad system.

  6. @Dotun Pls kindly give me the 150k…Segun don’t need it but I need money Abeg……serious oh. Ask for my account number and I will give u. Only post your number and I wi ll call you. I dey broke

  7. Dotun and Amanda, this is not about the money but being honest. People make mistakes and the beneficiaries of those mistakes should own up and make amends. The Okoli guy should return the money back to Segun Arinze. If we have such unscrupulous people working in the Banks then everybody that uses banks is in trouble. He is turning out to be a thief. There are many of such individuals around. It is this type of people that systematically withdraw money from customer’s accounts and find ways to cover it.

  8. Cheap monkey ass,liar.
    Being honest my foot,see dis monkey.
    Just tell them you are broke,how much is 50k,as a guy u would understand dat dia is nothing the bank can do,afterall your account was not hacked,as big and ugly as your eyes are,you still took those monkey ass ugly eyes,made a whole lot of big mistake and paid a scammer 50k in the name of mistake.


    Dis nigga never had money,he’s broke as fuck.
    Broke ass ugly ass celeb,dumb shit.

    A yoroba go pay money inside igbo man account,u don eva go igbo man shop or store give am money,u buy wetin u wan buy finish,come say u no want again,4inside igbo man shop.I pray make he give you back your money.
    Nonso abeg spend the money wella,na Blessing from God be that.


    Dem don catch segun arinze mugu…hahahahahaha

    Local Bank Transfer wash wash.hahahahahahahahaha

  9. Bros Segun name wa for u o nah so u broke reach? U r jos insulting ursef bcos of 50k. Me as a Corper I gave someone 50k last mnth. Haba u check am nah u r above dis mess.

  10. Hana bros Segun dis is an insult nah .jos 50k ? Even me as a Corper I gave someone 50k last month. Abi u don broke? I beg forget dat one joor. U r bigger dan dat

  11. @Dotun Pls alway use ur head when posting. Are saying the thief shld take the money that does not belong to him? You r a disappointment.

  12. Arinze is write, so coz na celeb make he begin dey tro money away to different account abi?? Ordinary ATM dey chop una 2k,una go dey shout and begin cry…

  13. why on earth did he make such mistake ??? Moreover, the bank always crosscheck any deposit details before posting so i don’t believe every crap Segun is Saying . you walk into a Bank with account details to pay in money and now you end up paying into a wrong account . You smoke week ?

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