Seun Egbegbe: My iPhone Theft Case Was A Set Up, I Have Been Released From Kirikiri

seun egbegbe released kirikiri

November 27, 2016 – Seun Egbegbe Claims Innocence “I Have Been Released From Kirikiri”

Seun Egbegbe: My iPhone Theft Case Was A Set Up, I Have Been Released From Kirikiri

Here is the official press statement Ebony Film boss Seun Egbegbe released to the public on Saturday.

It is shocking that Mr Egbegbe is still claiming innocence in the face of overwhelming evidence. The man gets liver ooo…

11 thoughts on “Seun Egbegbe: My iPhone Theft Case Was A Set Up, I Have Been Released From Kirikiri

  1. I just hope this Seun will lay low for sometime and stop seeking for attention. Be it true or false retrace your steps and redeem your image before addressing the public.

  2. Egbegbe or what do you call yourself, you still have the guts to open your mouth about your shame. You should cover your face and rotten in jail. Oleeeee!

  3. I think the best thing for him to do is first and foremost seek forgiveness from his creator and then apologize to his family,friends,colleague and fans.

  4. Stupid idiot, you are a chronic armed robber, your robbery case and file is all over the world. You have mind to claim innocence with your injured dirty and smelling mouth. YOU ARE FINISHED. The only Seun Egbegbe we know now is an armed robber.

  5. I think the best option for this armed robber/ film producer is to remain silent because as he continue to tell lies to cover another lies will enable people understand more about this crime. One thing is, a thief will never thinks he will be caught until when he/she is actually caught.

    This guy is guilty even without prosecuting this case, For the fact that you walk out of that store with 9 cell phone worth about 3 million Naira make you guilty. How could you walk out with that many phones? No seller in Nigeria will ever accept that with you by stepping out the store with a merchandize worth that amount.

    You only trying to play smart and God has planned your disgrace. All your excuses is irrelevant. You are caught, you are caught, your cup is full. There is no way you can clean yourself from the mess you put yourself in. The best thing for you right now is to seek forgiveness from God especially about those people you have killed in your previous robbery operations to make your illicit money because this is a disgrace from God. You have been doing this long time but God has pre-plan your disgrace day.

    As for you thief Media Manager writing this rubbish to paint your boss good, don’t worry, you are only doing this to earn your living but I will advise you since you now aware how your boss is making the money he is paying you, to start looking for another job somewhere else Or we have no option than to agree that both of you are doing this business together.

  6. biggest fool i have ever read about…get lost and for you Toyin…when real boys are there you prefer to date local champs..even the Johnson guy your ex. can dress properly…look at the Seun nothing to write home about …is it by force to date?
    You can contact me on this for solution …Toyin…[email protected]

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