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Shaffy Bello: I’m A Big Fan Of Oprah Winfrey, I Buy Any Book She Recommends People To Read

shaffy bello oprah winfrey fan

Nollywood Actors Pictures Are Filtered To Make Them Look Good Online, They Are Not Same In Person

See excerpts of veteran Nollywood actress Shaffy Bello’s recent chat with The Entertainer.

You’re a mother and actress, how do you combine both effectively?

Everything is all about setting your priorities right. What’s more of a priority at that time was my children. I have to be there for my kids, but my children also respect me for what I do. If I have to work, I have to work for them. The beautiful thing is that I have grown up children. You can’t compare me with actors that have children who are still very young. My children are grown and I can be on set for some weeks or months and all we need to do is talk on the phone or do video calls. Technology has made it easy for me to communicate with them. Although, I live in Nigeria but they live abroad. It’s easier for me now but when I was much more younger in raising my children, I had my priorities and what was important to me at that time was my family.

What do you do when you’re not working?

When I am not working, I listen to music. I love reading and travelling. I am an Oprah (Winfrey) fan and any book she recommends people to read, I do buy and read.

What’s the secret of your good looks?

Just take care of yourself, and when you do it, your body will thank you for it. I think the biggest thing is to feel good, forget the outlook; it’s the inner layer that is more important. When a woman is happy, fulfilled and feels that she is driven by her purpose, people will see that, and that is the beauty that we see. Looking good helps and there is no reason why every woman should not feel good. I buy made in Nigeria fabrics and give them to my tailor to sew for me. I do fix my hair to look good and presentable. People should not be ostentatious in their appearance but look good and decent enough and always make first impression right. The outer look is important but the work that you do inner is more important. Seek God and honour Him in your life and you will radiate His presence.

What is the most challenging role that you have ever played?

All the roles that I have played were challenging but the most challenging role was in Ovy’s Voice, which was also fun. I enjoyed the role. I have had to play a 70-year-old grandmother in a film, and with all the make-up, and it was very challenging because I needed to sound older, and that was challenging. I urge directors and producers to give artistes more challenging roles in their movies. They should not stereotype the actors; they should not always think that an artiste should always play a particular role that he or she is known for.

What are your dream roles?

I am still pregnant as an actor and I want to give birth to good characters.

What lessons has life taught you?

Been an actor has taught me so many things. Fame doesn’t bring you happiness. Unfortunately, on social media, people put the good days in the best days, and one of the things that I urge young artistes is to let them know that their self confidence matters. When you follow me on social media, I choose the pictures that I put there. Pictures are filtered to make me look good and make you see the good side of me. We all have goods times and bad times. Don’t ever think that the pictures (of actors) that you see on social media are who we are. Been an actor has shown that people want to place me on a high pedestal and they want to see artistes as heroes. We are not heroes but artistes. The heroes are the mothers, the teachers in public schools, and single mothers and fathers, not the artistes. It doesn’t make us heroes but everyday human beings. But if you want to channel me to be that super hero, just know that I am human and mistakes will come. Life has taught me that all that glitters is not always gold. As a person, I seek for more peace and humility. I am always driven to have inner peace and would rather be happy and fulfilled.

How would you advise celebrities who bring their personal issues on social media?

Shaffy has chosen to always be private with her private life, but my work life on social media is what I am working on. The pictures that you want to see, the characters that I play in movies or when I am on set, I present them on social media. But what happens in my home I am not going to put it out there. So, my private life will remain private.



  1. Nifemi Brooklyn

    July 13, 2018 at 3:23 AM

    I like everything about Shaffy. I even like her more than Oprah.
    I hope you are reading this

  2. Juliet Uchegbu

    July 13, 2018 at 3:31 AM

    Not a fan of Oprah, she belongs to a secret cult. I hope u shaffy know that before becoming her fan

  3. dessy

    July 13, 2018 at 9:03 AM

    I love shaffy very much. She is so polished and classy . She never takes part inany nonsensical films. Very selective in what she does.
    You make me proud of being a black woman.

  4. kokolo

    July 13, 2018 at 10:11 AM

    i love her too.

  5. iron bar

    July 13, 2018 at 11:01 AM

    Believe in yourself and let God lead you.emulating good gestures is good but living ones life or completely place your hope on someones ideology is equally your own life and fulfill your own dreams.

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