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Sikiru Ayinde Barrister Created Fuji Music On Mount Fuji In Japan – Barrister’ Son Tells KWAM1

barrister created fuji music on mount fuji japan

April 8, 2017 – Sikiru Ayinde Barrister Got The Inspiration Of Fuji Music From Mount Fuji In Japan – Barrister’s Son Tells Wasiu Ayinde KWAM1

Late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s son has come after Fuji icon Wasiu Ayinde for claiming ownership of Fuji music.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, Samsudeen Balogun, said that he was at the event when KWAM 1 made the statement and he was shocked at his remark.

He added that he never expected that KWAM 1 would make such a statement because his father loved him more than his biological children and was very proud of his achievements before his death.

“I was present at the event where KWAM 1 made the statement that Barrister is not the originator of fuji music during a programme organised by an alcoholic drink in Airport Hotel. He was invited to talk about how fuji music affects the society. I was at the event even though that was not my aim of being at that premises. When he got there, he did not see me because I was in the crowd and I did not rush to greet him.

When he began to make those statements, I was so surprised. He said that the name fuji was not derived from any mountain anywhere and it had been played before Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, I was so shocked. I could not believe he was the one talking. It was like a dream. When he said it that day, I was very upset and shortly after the programme, I was interviewed, the clip is on YouTube. I debunked all that he said because I had asked my father this same question so many times and he confirmed to me that he got the inspiration of fuji music from Mount Fuji in Japan which signifies love and peace.

My father told me that since his music signifies love and peace, he adopted that name. My father did not only tell me this, he had said it so many times and there are numerous interviews online where he was talking about it. I could not believe that Alhaji Wasiu could talk the way he did that day. I do not know what anybody stands to gain from what he is doing. It is so unfortunate because he is a man that I love,”.

“If KWAM 1 said that he was the one that single-handedly buried Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, I don’t know what he means by that because I know that it was the Lagos State government that buried him. In fact, from the time he was sick till his death, it was the state government that took care of everything. The money that was used to bury him was given to Alhaji Buhari Oloto by the state government and they made sure that they spent the money judiciously. It was in my presence that they received the money and Alhaji Buhari Oloto spent the money the right way because he was the head of the committee. KWAM 1 was taking orders from Alhaji Buhari Oloto. So where he got his own story from, I do not know. I do not know what is happening in his mind but the question on our lips is that what does he stand to gain with all these things that he is saying? We don’t really understand,” .

Personally, KWAM 1 is like a father to me; we were very close but not anymore. We used to talk on several issues and he always gave me advice. In fact, when my father was alive, he always asked me why I was so close to KWAM 1 but I just like him because of the way he does his things but since my father died, I do not understand him anymore, he has really changed and I do not know him anymore. He is the only one that knows why he is making the statements he has been making recently. It is Lagos State government that buried my father and the whole family knows it and we are very grateful for that.

“I don’t know if anything transpired personally between KWAM 1 and my father; all I know is that he only visited our father once while he was in the hospital in Havana Hospital and he never showed up again. I don’t know if anything happened but I am just saying what I know. It was not until our father died that we saw him again.

My father always saw KWAM 1 as his own son; he loved KWAM 1 even more than his children and he always used to boast about KWAM 1 that he was his achievement in fuji music. My father was very proud of him and loved him a lot. Nothing could have transpired between them. We don’t know what is going on now”



  1. fifelomo

    April 8, 2017 at 10:30 AM

    Kwam1 an attention seeker.

  2. paul

    April 9, 2017 at 1:22 AM


  3. Omokehinde

    April 9, 2017 at 2:43 PM

    Before Ayinde Barrister first album in 1975, he was a street boy that never travel outside Nigeria. For His son to claimed that his father created Fuji music on one Mount Fuji in Japan sounds rediculious. Why is it that King Sunny Ade and Evangelist Ebenezer Obey never fight over who create Juju music, the fact is that none created juju, but they helped advance juju to a new level? The fact is that Sikiru Ayinde didn’t create Yoruba traditional music fuji included because before his birth great Yoruba musicians have been playing juju, Apala, and other music that are the foundation of the current Fuji music. Fuji music is an identity of old musicians in Fanti, Lagos Island before the late Ayinde Barrister ventured in and expand Fuji music. It will be accurate to say he and Ayinla Kollington made Fuji music an household and most favorite Yoruba music in the 80s and 90s. But it is very rediculious and ungrateful altitude for that proud and arrogant KWAM1 to redicules his former boss after his DEATH. He used to help late Ayinde Barrister pack music instruments from one location to the other in late 70s and early 80s like an Area boy before he released his first album titled “Talazoo 84”. Kollington Ayinde released his first album in less than a year after Barrister in 1976. For Ayinde Wasiu Barrister now Ayinde Marshall to talk down on his former boss and mentor is a sign of a very proud, ingrate, and an arrogant Area boy that Yoruba stupid politicians turned celebrity with our stolen money.God Almighty is the Creator of all things, those children of late Barrister should focus on their wellbeing and ignore KWAM1 forever. What a shame!

    • Michael

      April 11, 2017 at 12:49 PM

      Do you know what you are talking about? Barrister’s first album was in 1966! That was the same year King Sunny Ade released his first album as well.
      Go check the facts before you say what you do not know. Barrister had already released more than 20 albums by 1975.
      It is because of people like you that KWAM1 goes about talking rubbish!

  4. Jilo

    April 9, 2017 at 6:03 PM

    Samsudeen, do be surprised at all about what KWAM-1 said after the demise of your father by discrediting him that he was not the creator of Fuji Music. Well that is a food for thought for you that not every everybody who appeared to be your friend or close associate truly loves you. You just have to hold on to that as you are graduating to the adult world. To be honest, Wasiu should not have brought up this topic for the fact that his boss is now late and it is very shameful by trying to speak against his deceased boss.

    It is very disheartening for KWAM 1 to come out publicly and disrespect his former boss because he want to claim that title for himself which I don’t think it is possible. He should have made it known when his boss was alive but now people will be seeing him as a traitor and ungrateful. This guy plagiarized most of Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister songs to make his own records. Barrister was like a mentor to Wasiu and helped him to be relevant in Fuji caucus. Even he adopted his name Wasiu Ayinde Barrister from his late boss name before he changed it to KWAM 1. Now I understand why Obesere, Saheed Osupa and others behind him always in hostile with him.

    Finally, let me set the record straight once and for all for the benefit of those who don’t know much about Fuji and how it evolved. Late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde was the Original Fuji Creator and that is a fact. Let me explain how he was a Fuji creator. In the early days now Fuji Music was then known as Were Music and there were many people who have been singing Were AKA Ajisari or Ajiwere music especially during the Ramadan time. Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister acknowledged and sing praises of most of these people some whom were his seniors in his record before he died.

    When barrister released some of his albums in 60’s, they were recognized as “WERE Music” but later it was Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister who sat down, used his initiatives and changed that song to Fuji Music and made it more recognized to many people. Most of the people who followed his pattern of music since then also called their music “Fuji music”. If anybody has any proof otherwise as to who created Fuji, let him/her come forward with his/her evidence and mentioned who created Fuji music then.

    Wasiu Ayinde has no clue about what he was talking about. He just try to prove arrogant because Alh. Ayinde Barrister is no more alive. To me, Wasiu has already crossed his part for the statement he made.

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