It Is A Sin To Sleep With Sex Dolls, Men Will Soon Become Addicted To It – Sophia Williams

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January 28, 2018 – It Is Unacceptable For Men To Sleep With Robot Sex Dolls, It Will Soon Become An Addiction – Sophia Williams

It Is A Sin To Sleep With Robot Sex Dolls, Men Will Soon Become Addicted To It – Sophia Williams

The new trend all over the world is robot sex dolls. The new craze has got celebrities talking and it has become a thing to worry about.

The doll is said to have features as a woman and some men feel they are better off with a robot than being with a woman.

Here is what Nollywood actress, Sophia Willams, who thinks the idea is crazy and ungodly told Inside Nollywood:

“I’m still trying to come to reality how someone will be comfortable to have sex with a sex doll! For real? For me it’s crazy and unacceptable.

Trust me, sex with dolls can never be the same with that of humans. It’s just like women using vibrator! And again it’s not godly and my faith condemns such acts.

I’ll advice them to stay away from such practice because it can become an addiction and you know what that means.”

11 thoughts on “It Is A Sin To Sleep With Sex Dolls, Men Will Soon Become Addicted To It – Sophia Williams

  1. It is only a mad serial cheat that will sleep with a doll.
    God forbid bad thing, the robot will soon start chopping off their joy sticks not mine. I reserve mine for my Queen not for toy

  2. WAIT A Minute!!! Is this thing for Real, like REAL??? If so make man sharp sharp go learn how to repair am when it gets faulty o…
    Ha, this na another JOB OPPORTUNITY wey come so o.
    My people, how una see am?

    As for me, my sugar cane is jealously reserved for my would-be sweetheart‘s “KINI“ o…
    Not for some Doll from Hell with a soft rubber made hole aim at harvesting men‘s sperm.

    I take a stroll…

  3. When Dildo was trending You never condemmed the act,why now that its sex doll ? sex doll is good so that they’ll be competition for ladies who tends to act like princess.

  4. AGAIN I Am not surprise that since the invention of this Doll stuff, its been women all the way who has been coming out boldly to condemn the idea.

    WHY? Maybe because, they have started entertaining some sort of fears and insecurity that, they stand to lose their men for the trending crave for sexy dolls otherwise, I am not trying to be judgemental here but I want to say, I don‘t see somebody like Sophia Williams worthy enough to preach to me about what is a sin and what is not cos, from what I can see, she herself urgently needs salvation.

    SO ALL These talks about sex with dolls is a sin and all what not is basically for their (girls) interests.

    I take a stroll…

  5. Actually,Japanese are marrying dolls for sometime now,living with it as wife,so weird. If women and men can understand each other,this won’t be making any progress.

  6. better for the men to carry their trouble and injection go meet doll,abortion will be reduce and many life will be save,no more cheating,duping woman

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