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Sites To Watch & Download Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies Online For Free

sites to watch nigerian movies online for free

How to Watch And Download Latest Nollywood Movies Online For Free

Do you know that you can now watch and download latest Nollywood movies online? We’ll be showing you how to do that in this article.

Gone are the days when DVDs/CDs were the major storage media for movies. Today, the movie world has evolved, with virtually all movies now available online. And Nollywood movies are not left out in this regard, as there are now durable online platforms where you can watch and download your favourite Nollywood movies, from the comfort of your mobile phone or laptop/desktop. In fact, you can now watch latest Nollywood movies, within days of release.

However, Nollywood is still embracing the idea of online movie streaming and download. Hence, there are only few online media hubs, which are licensed to provide streaming seevices to Nollywood viewers. While some of these media sites offer live streaming and download of Nollywood movies for free, others do not.

In any case, we are going to be showing you a comprehensive list of prominent streaming and download sites, as well as sites to watch and download Nigerian movies from their respective platforms.

List Of Sites To Watch And Download Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies Online For Free


YouTube remains the number one site to watch Nigerian movies free online however not everything is free nowadays. Since the introduction of Premium content, you will have to pay to watch latest Nollywood movie on this platform.


IROKO TV is a renowned media site in Nigeria, which came to being about seven years ago, in 2011. The site was founded by Njoku, Jason, as a subset of IROKO Partners, a leading entertainment firm in Nigeria. Today, IROKO TV stands out as one of the leading (if not the leading) online movie hubs in the country, and it is also the largest digital distributor of Nollywood movies across the globe.

IROKO TV offers Nollywood viewers the opportunity to watch and download thousands of classic and latest Nollywood movies. Old Nollywood movies are typically available for free download on the streaming & download platform.

However, to gain access to latest Nollywood movies, you’ll be required to pay a token of $5 (equivalent to 1700 Naira).

To watch and download your desired Nollywood movie(s), simply navigate to IROKO TV website and follow the on-screen commands or get the app at Google Play Store (for Android users).


IBAKA TV, a subset of IBAKA Entertainment, is one of the most popular online media hubs for streaming Nollywood movies. The platform hosts in excess of 1000+ Nollywood movies, with regular updates (of latest movies) from time to time.

Furthermore, there are special applications for mobile phones, specifically for Android and iPhone/iPad users. With this app, you get the latest Nollywood movies at your fingertips, which you can either stream and watch online (if you have sufficient data) or simply download and watch later (offline).

To watch and download Nollywood movies from this site, go to and search for your favourite Nollywood movies.


NetNaija has grown significantly in the past few years. It is the ultimate choice of tens of thousands of users across the globe (especially Nigerians), to download and watch variety of HD videos/movies, including Nollywood movies, music videos, Hollywood movies, comedy skits and so on.

NetNaija offers a straightforward download process; all you have to do is navigate to your desired category i.e. Nollywood movies or Yoruba Nollywood, and scan through to download a latest movie(s). Also, you can easily search for any movie on this site, and then proceed to download it.

Go to NetNaija’s Nollywood page: and follow the on-screen instruction to download any latest Nollywood movie you desire.


RealnollyTV is another top streaming platform for Nollywood movies. Just like IROKO TV, it has a large client-base from all over the world.

RealnollyTV doesn’t host as many movies as IROKO TV, but there is little difference between both streaming platforms in terms of video quality. Furthermore, the interface is relatively easy to navigate, as there are various designated search categories, including comedy, drama, Yoruba, and so on.

This online streaming and download platform offers free movie streaming and download for a limited period of 30-days. After the trial period, latest Nollywood movies are available for download at an affordable subscription rate of $1.99 (N700) per month.

Watch and download your favourite Nollywood movies from RealnollyTV.COM.


NollyLand is another popular site where you can watch and download Nollywood movies online. With this, you can easily enjoy thousands of Nollywood (and other African) movies on your mobile device, PC or Macbook.

There are also special apps, specially designed for Windows, Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices.

Watching and downloading Nollywood movies from this site is quite easy. All you need to do is to subscribe to one of the available plans, and you can enjoy latest Nollywood movies, as well as other African movies.

NollyLand offers the following subscription plans:

  • Monthly: $5.99
  • Quarterly (3 Months): $16.99
  • 6 Months plan: $32.99
  • Annual: $64.99

Go to NollyLand, subscribe to a plan and watch as many Nollywood movies as you want online or simply download them and watch offline.

Nigeria Movie Network

Nigerian Movie Network is an all-inclusive media site, where Nollywood latest news, movies and trends are brought to fore. On this platform, movies are regularly updated on a daily basis; hence, you get movies as they are released.

This site categorizes Nollywood movies under the following headings: Yoruba, Comedy, Romance, Igbo, Soap Opera and lots more.

To download and watch Nollywood movies for free on this site, go to their website:; register on the platform and proceed to download or watch your favourite Nollywood movies.


NaijaPals is a popular online entertainment/media forum in Nigeria, which serves as one of largest online storage hubs, where Nigerian music videos (and audios) and Nollywood movies can easily be downloaded.

Latest Nollywood movies are regularly updated on this platform, and thousands of Nigerians and non-Nigerians are afforded the opportunity to access these movies at absolutely no charge. There are six major categories of videos on the site. These are Yoruba movies, TV series, Nigerian movies, Ghana movies, Comedy movies and Nigerian music videos.

Go to, select a movie or choose from the list of movie categories, and enjoy your favourite movies at the comfort of your home (on your laptop) or even on the go (on your smartphone).


CodedWap is another prominent streaming site, with thousands of movie streams and downloads per day. Various types of videos are uploaded on this site daily, with some of these videos being new Nollywood movies.

To download Nollywood movies from this site, go to the designated page on their website:; and download your desired Nollywood movie(s) from there.

With this, you don’t have to sit in front of a TV before you can enjoy your favourite Nollywood movies. Once you have an internet-enabled mobile phone, laptop or desktop, you are good to go.

Final Note

There are numerous streaming and download sites for Nollywood movies. However, we have described how to watch and download latest Nollywood movies from some of the most prominent streaming and download sites available.

So if you are looking for where and sites to watch and download latest Nigerian movies online for free, above are the recommended sites for you.

For Nollywood breaking news, don’t forget to visit Nollywood Gossip Column.



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