Soldiers Destroy Kidnappers Den In Ohafia Abia State, Rescue Victim [PHOTOS]

soldiers kidnappers den abia state

April 12, 2016 – Soldiers Destroy Kidnappers Den In Ohafia Abia State, Rescue Victim [PICTURES]

  • Fleeing Kidnapper Falls From The Roof & Dies In Abia State
  • Soldiers Recover Close To 6 Million Naira From Kidnappers Den In Ohafia
  • Kidnapper Arrested While 2 Others Fled

The den of a notorious kidnap gang in Nkporo village, Ohafia area of Abia State has been destroyed.

The troops of 14 Brigade Garrison based in Ohafia stormed the den following a tip off from some farmers in the area on Sunday April 10, 2016 and rescued a victim who was earlier shot and kidnapped in Aba on the 6th of April.

In a bid to evade arrest, one of the kidnappers fell from the roof and died on the spot while two others escaped. Another member of the notorious kidnap gang was arrested (see the above photo).

kidnapper falls from the roof and diesThe kidnapper who fell to his death

Here are the items recovered from the kidnappers:

  • Five Million, Four Hundred and Ninety thousand Naira (N5,490,000.00)
  • 2 AK 47 rifles & 9 AK 47 rifle magazines with 124 rounds of 7.62mm Special ammunition
  • 1 Pistol & 2 rounds of 9mm ammunition
  • 2 Machetes
  • Toyota RAV4 Jeep with registration # MUS 428 RZ
  • Military hats
  • 6 high end mobile phones
  • An iPad
  • Bunch of different keys
  • 2 Empty Bags
  • A wrap of marijuana
  • 10 Diamond Bank Debit Cards

See more photos from the operation

Chai!!! See money… these people wicked o.

16 thoughts on “Soldiers Destroy Kidnappers Den In Ohafia Abia State, Rescue Victim [PHOTOS]

  1. With all these money they stole from their victims there life is still worthless. Rest in hell the one dead and the ones alive, may they rot in jail.

      • Come rapo, are in anyway replying that to me? If yes, then you need to go back to your headmaster back then in primary school and collect your balance from him ok.

  2. everyday 4 d idiot thiefs but one day 4 d idiot owner of d house…
    greedy, selfish, and wicked bastards.
    thank God 4 d work of our soldiers

  3. Kudos to the soldiers for the job well done,they shouldn’t relent,and make sure they capture every kidnappers and evil doers in abia state. As for the captured kidnapper,let them rot in jail with hard labour

  4. They started kidnapping during xmas period for their fellow southeast people,now. It is gone hay wire. They operate in Lagos, Ogun state and some other Southwestern state causing the same havoc. If they’re not disgracing us outside Nigeria for drugs, they are kidnapping abi causing chaos in the name of IPOB. The same war they refuse to. Start during the last administration. I pity una,by the time PMB signs the nuclear deal and sort out electricity, and use the loan from China to stabilise refineries and fuel complex and maintain good relationship with King in UAE for crude pricing stability. Una go become an outcast. The same way you guys are fighting PMB with undertones of IPOB.The same way the SW and Northern Nigeria will make it unbearable for you guys till you pack. And leave for Biafra. I trust these two regions will use the same excuses you’re dwelling on now to cause unrest for this government on you. Una go hear weeen.This is just the beginning. Politics isn’t your strength as a people but business cos even your states and governors don’t agree. We dey wait!

    • Fake Tee, you are high on something. Go and sleep, and when you wake up, perhaps your brain would have cooled down to tell you a reasonable thing. If you are not a coward, why don’t you come out from hiding behind another man’s name and stand on your own?

  5. This is the kind of account I want to read. Though, I believe there are so many of such Dens scattered almost all over the Country as kidnapping has gradually become a big time fortune business especially in the East. This is just one of them.

    People should co-operate with security agents to enable a successful crack down on all these Silly Billys.
    Kudos to those farmers.

    My stroll hunting continues…


  7. Thank God for the soldiers and more grease to their elbows. Every kidnapper caught must be severely punished or at best executed. The animals have no soul. As for tee, your comment made no sense. Don’t inject tribalism into this issue. There are criminals all over Nigeria and we all must join hands to fight them. I think this forum is for people to make reasonable contribution on ways to better our country. Not for haters.

    • @Uzoma thank you for your observation, please be aware that i have notified the admin that someone is using my profile name ‘Tee’ and nothing has been done about it, i will never post this type of comment.i always contribute with well reasoned and verifiable facts,i try to be objective in my interaction with people, i have always said this forum should not be like the punch and vangaurd where people bring tribal and religious issues into every comment they post i hope the admin will sort this you said there are criminals in every walks of life all over the world. i hope i have clarify the issue, thanks

  8. Thank you very much Tee for clarifying it is not you that posted the rubbish. Your command of English in your reply shows someone actually used your handle to write this nonsense. The idiot that wrote it even wanted to pitch the North and the West against the Southeast. This person should be ashamed of him or herself.

  9. kudos to those soldier,the one that die rest in pieces and those caught should been kill by hanging.

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