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Tayo Sobola: My Mother Taught Me To Believe In Myself, Be Content & Forgive Easily

sotayo mother burial

Tayo Sobola: My Mother Taught Me To Believe In Myself, Be Content & Forgive Easily

Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola who recently lost her mum is still  yet to believe her mum has passed.

In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, the female filmmaker revealed how she got to know about  her mother’s death and her reaction.

On how she had premonition of her mother’s death, the actress said;

“My mum was everything to me; she was my confidant, even though we fought a lot. I was filming when I heard the news of her death, but prior to that time, I had a weird feeling and I was crying; people thought I was acting. I was extremely cold and I was standing by my car before I received the call from my sister, telling me my mum was gone. I drove all the way to her house by myself.

“I am happy I had the time to discuss a lot of things with her before she passed on. I didn’t think there was any need to delay the final burial date because it wasn’t like we were trying to raise money to do it. I lost my dad in 2005 and till date, I still cry over that. Though few days have passed, I still don’t want to believe that my mum is gone. I have buried a couple of people in my life but I still ask myself if she is actually dead. Even during the burial, I still couldn’t believe she was dead. I just try to console myself to stay strong”.

On the values her mother instilled in her as a young girl, the actress said;

“Many people think I am a strict person; the truth is that was how I used to look at my mum before she died. She built and shaped me to the person I am today. My mum taught me to believe in myself, to be content and stay in my lane. She also taught me to forgive easily, and avoid living a fake life. I was trained to be careful with the people around me. My mother never allowed us to visit people, I will always live with what she impacted in me” .



  1. Faith Nbodo

    June 16, 2019 at 12:59 AM

    Makeup way too much for a burial

  2. Fifelomo

    June 16, 2019 at 2:27 PM

    May her soul rip.

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