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A Special Birthday Shout Out To All June Born Babies…See Fun Facts About People Born In June


A Special Birthday Shout Out To All June Born Babies…See Fun Facts About People Born In June

Happy birthday to all June born babies

June 5, 2017 – Happy Birthday To All June Born Babies…See Fun Facts About People Born In June

A special birthday shout out to all June born babies.

Here are some unique traits that stand you out of others.


Due to their friendly nature, everybody want to be their friends. Their charming personality is like a magnet that naturally attracts people to them. They love filming and are often seen taking public role

Idea Bank

The are visionaries born with bank of ideas. People born in June think beyond what others think.
Because they are big thinkers, people often think they are unrealistic.

Designer Addict
June people are lovers of expensive brands of clothings.

Get Along Well With Enemies

They have a special talent which often empowers them to win the love of those who dislike them.

Cold Lovers

Because they are born in the peak of summer, they tend to love cold stuffs. Expect them to indulge in ice cream at any slightest opportunity.

 Love To Hide Emotions
They are very private about their feelings except when they are angry. It is only close friends that tend to know them.

Famous People Born In June

  • Donald Trump Born June 14, 1946
  • Williams Kumuyi Born June 9 1941
  • Dbanj Born June 9 1980
  • Michael J Fox June 9 1961
  • Lionel Mess Born June 24 1987
  • Khloe Kardasian Born June 27 1984
  • Kanye West Born June 8 1977
  • Ariana Grande Born June 26 1993
  • Angelina Joelie Born June 4 1975
  • Tupac Shakur Born June 16 1971
  • Ice Cube Born June 15 1969
  • Mike Tyson Born June 30 1966
  • Blake Shelton Born June 18 1976
  • George H.W Bush Born June 12 1924
  • Nicole Kidman Born June 20 1967
  • Morgan Freeman Born June 1st 1937
  • Jerry Stiller Born June 8 1927
  • Wentworth Miller Born June 2nd 1972
  • Anderson Cooper Born June 3 1967
  • Heidi Klum Born June 1st 1973
  • Tim Allen Born June 13 1953
  • Michael Phelps Born June 30 1985

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  1. fifelomo

    June 6, 2017 at 1:20 AM

    Hbd to all June born FAM n frnds.

  2. Jilo

    June 6, 2017 at 4:09 AM

    Oh my goodness! how can I share birthday with most controversial man on earth, Donald J. Trump? anyway, although he possessed some Gemini characteristics but failed to really exhibit some true traits of Gemini.

    We Gemini are very inquisitive, we always try to get to the root of matter. Some people may think we cannot perform some task and be successful yet we always surprise them.

    We are very intuitive to proffer a solution to some problems which people have given up at. Gemini are very wonderful people, the best in all Zodiac signs. There is no profession we cannot fit into and excel. Very smart and intelligent people. I’m glad I was born in this month, June 6th to be precise. Happy birthday to you all born in this month.

  3. Blessings Khumalo

    December 2, 2017 at 12:22 PM

    Ohh we share the same birth day

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