Stella Damasus: I’m Not Fighting Lola Alao Over Married Men

stella damasus fighting lola alao

Feb 26, 2013 – Stella Damasus Denies Fight With Lola Alao Over Single Ladies Dating Married Men Comment

Two top Nigerian entertainers namely Stella Damasus and Lola Alao were recently rumoured to be in a tough war of words over a comment Lola Alao made about single ladies and married men.

In a recent interview, the Yoruba actress said dating a married man as a single lady is not a bad idea.

The actress stepped on a lot of toes with the comment. She was accused of trying to mislead single women by encouraging them to date married men.

So a couple of days back, the web went viral with the rumour that Stella Damasus attacked Lola Alao over the comment.

To set the fact straight, the actress has denied the rumour via her publicist, Square Image Associates, the mother of one said she doesn’t have any problem with Lola Alao, and there was no time she made any comment about her.

Stella Damasus is using this medium to inform people to ignore the rumour.

8 thoughts on “Stella Damasus: I’m Not Fighting Lola Alao Over Married Men

  1. Lola alao shud keep her mouth shut what is her problem self lola alao here lola alao there abeg go keep urself for one place bcos wht goes around comes around remember u V a child dat is watching ur act

    • No Moral watsoever.pls if u guys can’t liv wat u preach or Act,Go bak 2 ur homes.Dey change Men like pant,God s watching YA.EYin oni doti gbogbo wonyi

    • ogun why dont u go heat ur head on the wall to show ur hatred on stella, ur criticism cant even raise a grain of sand, so u guys can go on say what u like. Imagine how u guys are hating ur fellow human being as if u were there when it happened. Perhaps u’ve not been allegated on something u’ve never thought of in ur whole life. U dnt know if its what is happening to stella, dnt go mad at every thing u read online.

  2. It is now that she believe that she’s not fighting Lola Alao over married men,when she her snatched someone’s hubby…..time is a gr8 healer…….watch it girlfriend!!!

  3. tryno concentrat on my GSM(ijebu garri,sugar,milk) do yor mind?plz allow d sleepin is wt dz celebrities wnt-dt we all talk abot em like they more importnt dan u and i.

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