Ibrahim Babangida, IBB Speaks On Boko Haram: “Dialogue Is My First Preference In This Regard”

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Jan 21, 2013 – Ibrahim Babangida, IBB Speaks On Boko Haram: “Dialogue Is My First Preference In This Regard”

Ex-President of Nigeria, Military General Ibrahim Babangida has begged for immediate dialogue with Boko Haram terrorist sect following a weekend of bloodshed in Kano. www.naijagists.com

IBB begs President Goodluck Jonathan to dialogue with those behind the spate of terrorist attacks in the country.

Babangida said the attempt on the life of the emir by gunmen was frightening, while indicating that Nigeria was already undergoing serious security threats on a regular and unbroken basis.

In a press statement signed on his behalf by Kaseem Afegbua, his media aide, Babangida said: “The reported cases of terrorist attacks are becoming frightening and seriously call for security alert by all and sundry. Despite spirited efforts by government, it is disturbing that this ugly trend has refused to depart from us, reason why government must change tactics and methods in handling this security challenge.

“The attack on the emir of Kano which reportedly left four people dead is a wake-up call to all of us. What could be the motive? What does anyone stand to gain by attempting to kill an emir that is nearing 80? The Emir of Kano stands out as one traditional ruler who does not seek favours from those in government and outside it, and who over the years has been able to live an exemplary life to the admiration of all.

“His record of achievements, the stability and candour he has brought to bear on the throne, are virtues that will live for posterity. May Allah continue to grant him good health for today and the future.”

Babangida, however, advised the government of President Jonathan to start exploiting the option of dialogue with members of the insurgent groups in order to arrest what he described as the prevailing drift in Nigeria’s national security.

He said the use of force by the security agencies has proved to be inadequate and ineffective to checkmate the ugly trend, adding, “we must put hands together to ensure the means of ending the acts of terrorism in Nigeria.”

Babangida added: “Dialogue is my number one preference in this regard. Government must also encourage positive discourses among its political appointees delivered with respect and rendered in temperate language to soothe the mood of the nation. Language of force will not help us in our strong determination to address this insecurity problem.”


18 thoughts on “Ibrahim Babangida, IBB Speaks On Boko Haram: “Dialogue Is My First Preference In This Regard”

  1. Why dialogue as d solution? What r they fightin for? D hav bn touchin d tiger’s tail,if all naijans shuld wake up now against dem,de wil definitely run defeated. It’s jst bcs there r some hidden political influence hidin undr d shadow of d sects to perpetrate d evil acts. God wil fight against dem ds time….

  2. well, i will state this clearly that any good watcher of our world events will agree with me that blessed are those who lived through the cold war, because greater evil has come in the islamic fundalmetalism. it is going to go round the whole world. one thing is this, those who thought they can use them as (islamic millitants) as tool of intimidation for political reason, and thereby sponsoring them with money shall soon be swallowed by their own Frankeinstein. Babangida and his like up not are seeing the handwriting that afterall God of the Christians they were killing like chicken has the power to make them eat their own lesh like bread, and be drunkenon their own blood as wine. none of these evil people will escape the judgement of God for their hands are dripping with the blood of the innocent ones.

  3. He should beta say dat jonathan should come and beg him.c d north wants 2 make d nation ongorvernable 4 jonathan,so joathan wunt mind since they ar killin themsf

  4. You whatever you call yourself, IBB is the brain behind BOKO HARM you are their godfather, the founder & the financier of Boko Haram. Now you’re getting nervous, the seat is getting hot for you because you know that very soon nemises will catch up with you; the Western powers are on their way to Nigeria so you very well know that very soon you will end up a cage like yr types Husin Mubarrak of Egypt Sadam Husien of Irak etc. You IBB, is the no 1 Boko Haram in Nigeria; so stop fooling yrself.

  5. Very soon we shall know who the real BOKO HARAMS are, why asking for dialogue now? why not before now?God of Americans shall be our God they are on their way, no hidden place for Mr. FOUNDER abi na General OVERSEER ???????? IBB your time is UPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  6. Na wa for this guy called Ibb! He’s talking as if the next target of bokos is him, the godfather of bokos. What goes round turns round. IBB, do the negotiation. It’s a matter of, “my boko, let’s stop”, and the dialogue will be over.

  7. jonathan shuld nt dialogue anytinz wth d boko haram. now s their turn to face it. y is it afraid now? president jonathan if u try nd call 4 dialogue we NIGER DELTA will disown u. they started it, let them call 4 dialogue.

  8. Let us b faithful to our self, nd bring peace, his excelencing guy free does guys, nd let dis country fulfil dea dream.

  9. Make una give IBB phone make him dialogue with boko haramu…lol…make una no worry very soon na MASSOB wahala.

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