Stella Damasus Live-In Lover Daniel Ademinokan Says His Second Marriage Will Work

May 21, 2016 – Stella Damasus Live-In Lover Daniel Ademinokan Says His Second Marriage Will Work

US-based Stella and her paddy, Daniel Ademinokan might be walking down the aisle soon if they haven’t already done so.

Daniel took to the social media yesterday to say:

“Just because we are human…we make mistakes and fail. Why? Because we are human! Everybody deserves a second shot at getting it right,” .

Recall that Mr. Ademinokan was the hubby of Stella Damasus’s colleague, Doris Simeon before he ‘fled’ to the US with Stella.

13 thoughts on “Stella Damasus Live-In Lover Daniel Ademinokan Says His Second Marriage Will Work

  1. When people say they are human and therefore make mistakes, it is a factual statement. But then, when we look at it critically, we may admit that either of these is involved:

    1) They are simply making an excuse for themselves, hoping that admitting their weaknesses somehow justifies their actions. In this case, they are unlikely to change for the better. Or,

    2) They truely feel their helpless wretchedness, thereby being with genuine remorse. This is the only case that we could hope for a better individual to be formed out of his mistakes.

    • Thank you for that word of wisdom, these fools want us to support their terrible mistake. Sorry they can’t work out

  2. @ Metu I pray to God to enrich you with more knowledge, wisdom and understanding. You said it all.

  3. A woman with no shame,you guys act like you take sk all day,stella how will your mum,sister,relatives feel abt you.a husband snatcher.or maybe your own mother snatched someone else’s husband and dia u came from.
    U go still dey open mouth,dey pray to god,una dey nack steady.den tmrw u go upload pics say we are happy,even d ozuo dey say d marriage go work well. Anoda tiwa sawage ish,as long as dat niggi aint yours,bitch you neva goina make it or get it right.check the bible we read.

    You heading towards hell fire,spirit of conversion,remember the 10 commandments.
    Thou shall not convert another mans:
    Its a pity,we are in end times .

    ***k you b**ch.

  4. As for Daniel How will you feel if Doris and your co producer run with your son to America how will you feel ? Second chance my foot . until Doris is married to someone else that is when forgiveness will come and second chance will follow .As for stalla thank God you have girls ,because God can use your kids to test the pain Doris went true

  5. Making mistakes in life does not mean you can not move forward in life. Remember, God love you so much.

  6. Somebody is still living in a dreamland and Im not surprise.
    Who even ask him? One police you can never get off your back in life when you have done something wrong is called “Conscience“

    I take a stroll…

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