Stella Oduah’ Holds Thanksgiving Mass For Late Son, Priest Asks Guests To Pray Him Into Paradise

stella oduah late son thanksgiving mass

September 29, 2016 – Photo: Senator Stella Oduah’s Holds Thanksgiving Mass For Late Son, Priest Urged Guests To Pray For Him To Get To Paradise

By Ononye VC

Yesterday, a thanksgiving mass was celebrated in remembrance of the death and burial of the late Master Maxwell Chinedu -Oduah-Etoromi, 28 year old son of former Aviation minister and presently the senator representing Anambra North Senatorial zone at the Senate, Princess Stella Oduah.

During the service,  the officiating priest Rev Fr Augustine Umeh told the congregation that the late Maxwell left a legacy of charity and selflessness which the entire family should adopt as a guiding principle.

According to Fr Umeh, life becomes much better for all when the rich and affluence share their wealth with the poor rather than exhibiting selfishness and greed.

Father Umeh urged Senator Oduah and other members of the family to pray always for their late son so that his position in paradise would be justified before God, the Angels and mortals.

After the mass, Senator Oduah who was seriously weighed down by the death of her son showed big signs of relief as she was seen exchanging pleasantries with a handful of visitors who worshipped with her in the church.

Pictured above is Rev Fr Augustine Umeh, Senator Oduah, her children, relatives and visitors posing for photograph in front of the church.

12 thoughts on “Stella Oduah’ Holds Thanksgiving Mass For Late Son, Priest Asks Guests To Pray Him Into Paradise

  1. THE MOST MISERABLE MAN ON EARTH IS the one who would believe and apply this sermon, for “Whether a tree falls to the south or to the north, in the place where it falls, there it will lie.”(Eccl. 11:3).

  2. KAI. This so called priest sef. where is it written that the living can pray the dead ones into paradise.? all because of Money abi> ok. let the priest be reminded that the word of God Said ” There is no repentance in the grave” and There is “No Mercy or Forgiveness In the grave” so Mr priest where did you get your message.?

  3. Does this priest know what he’s talking about? Pray the dead into paradise, after death it’s judgement. He needs to study his bible very well because it is good to deceive people

  4. It is now obvious that Senator Stella hands are not clean regarding her son’s death. Why doing thanksgiving for a young man who died untimely death due to hard drug addiction? This is the peak of insanity, and it appears to me now that she might be among many Nigerian occultic politicians. Just imagine what money has turned that unholy priest to? Praying for the dead to go straight to Heaven with her mother’s money. Is that a Biblical teachings? No wonder the country has been reduced to nothing and turned upside down by our wicked politicians, I want to believe that many of our greedy pastors who love money far more than the true gospel of Christ preach different sermons to those politicians behind the scenes. May God deliver us from our own wickedness, selfishness, greed, ignorance and corruption.

  5. Lack of understanding leading lives away from reality.
    In as much as I would have wanted your son to make Heaven, I want to also believe that no amount of prayers can make that be (IF) the said son did not accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour before his unfortunate death.

    Again it is only “The infectual fervent prayer of the RIGTHEOUS that availeth much“

    In that light, what if half or more than half of the congregation you were asking to pray your son to paradise are sinners and as such, pray your son into hell? Though, God forbid.
    May your son RIP Mrs. Odua.

    I take a stroll…

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