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“Stella Oduah’s Assassination Attempt Story Is Fake” – Nigerians Call Aviation Minister A Liar

stella oduah assassination attempt

Nov 26, 2013 – Fake Assassination Attempt: Nigerians Blast Stella Oduah, Aviation Minister Over Bullet Story

“Stella Oduah’s Assassination Attempt Story Is False” – Nigerians Call Aviation Minister A Liar

Yesterday embattled Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah reported an alleged assassination attempt on her life to the police 3 days after the attack happened.

She said on Friday in Abuja, she found some bullets in a car, she claims some gunmen fired gunshots on her but luckily she wasn’t inside at the time.

The alleged attempt on her life has met a negative response from Nigerians who called her a liar today.

Many Nigerians think Stella Oduah lied about the story to cover up and divert media attention from her current N255 million corruption scandal.

On Monday evening, Stella Oduah reported to the police that her car came under gunfire by unknown gunmen at Maitama area of Abuja on Friday at 10.30 p.m.

The Police Public Relations Officer at the Federal Capital Territory, Altienne Daniel, confirmed that Oduah reported the matter on Monday but could not say whether the metallic object found in the car was a bullet or not.

Daniel said detectives who checked the vehicle retrieved a metallic object which was being subjected to ballistic test to ascertain whether it was a bullet or not.

“The incident was reported to us on Monday at exactly 5.45pm and we are subjecting the metallic object we recovered from the car to ballistic test. I can’t say whether the object is a bullet or not, so I can’t give you any information on it for now,” Daniel said.

Oduah had alleged that three shots were fired at the car at 10.30 p.m. on Friday.

The Minister was not in her Escalade car with registration number FST 914 BL at the time of the attack. The Special Assistant to the Minister on Media, Joe Obi, also confirmed the incident, adding that Oduah was safe.

But Nigerians who spoke to P.M.NEWS doubted the story, describing it as “cooked up” and an attempt to divert attention from the scandal involving her in the purchase of two BMW cars at the hefty sum of N255 million.

“Nigerians are very wise and no one believes her story. No one had tried to kill her in the past, why is it now that she is under investigation for atrocities she has committed that someone would shoot at her car?” queried Mohammed Tukur, a vocal aviation stakeholder and member of the Airlines Operators of Nigeria, AON.

“Everybody can arrange with anyone to shoot at his or her car, especially when we are not in the car and when we are under investigation.

“The issue here is simple, she broke the law, she has been indicted and should be removed. Nigerians will not fall for cock and bull stories,” Tukur said.

According to Debo Adeniran, Chairman Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, the story is manufactured.

“The cooked-up story is an attempt to silence those who had remained critical of the prudence behind the purchase of the two bullet-proof cars at whopping sum of N255m by Ms. Oduah,” Adeniran said.

He added: “Does it not sound more like a make-believe thing that the incident that occurred on Friday was not reported until Monday? It is clear that the story is an attempt to justify the shenanigans perpetrated by the Minister.”

According to Captain Dele Ore, President Aviation Round Table, ART, Oduah must be fired immediately.

“I will not talk about that Minister until she is fired,” he said.

To activist Achike Chude, there must be a clear separation between an assassination attempt and the issue of corruption involving Stella Oduah.

“They are separate issues. Let the police deal with the serious allegation of assassination attempt while the government deals with the serious problem of corruption involving her,” he said.

Chude, who is the National Deputy Chairman of the Joint Action Front, JAF, doubted that the government could deal with the issue of corruption.

He said: “Can a system built on corruption and nutured and dependent on corruption fight corruption? Ultimately, corruption destroys everything including those who perpetrate it.”

Also speaking during a television programme on Tuesday morning, a lawyer and human rights activist, Justice Ohuegbu, asked the police to stop embarrassing itself over something the Force knows is not true but cooked up.

According to him, the story was fabricated to give Nigerians the impression that Ms. Oduah had anticipated that she would be in danger as a result of her job and thus give justification to the purchase of the cars.

“Nigerians are not fools. The incident was stage-managed. We have been having billions of naira being stolen…Nigerian leaders make themselves enemies to the people,” he said, adding that the Minister was only attempting to add ‘salt to injury’ by reviving the issue of the allegation that she is corrupt and should be sacked.

He wondered why the police was very quick to confirm the incident when nobody had earlier expressed doubt concerning the incident.

Another analyst, Darlington Agomuo, said: “as far as I am concerned, I don’t think the drama is necessary. When you have done something doubtful, there is no need adding to it.

“We don’t really know what happened. The police had pre-empted us. So they refused to allow us doubt the story before they could confirm.

“She is drawing attention to herself again and this can embarrass the Peoples Democratic Party and the Jonathan government because I am not sure Jonathan sent her to lie to Nigerians again. This is something I find difficult to understand because they draw attention to themselves uneccessarily. The impression they want us to get is that the bullet-proof car is very important,” he said.

He recalled that the Minister had denied that the cars were for her use and wondered who was now after her when she was actually the one after the country for her doubtful activities.

“We don’t even need police confirmation on this. Personally, I think Oduah is not making her case any better.

“The police should not be too quick. If those who shot were actually after her life, they would have done their homework very well, not to shoot at the car when she was not there,” he said.

Also Dipo Olayoku, a public affairs analyst, said the confirmation given to the incident by the Nigerian Police has even done more damage to the incident and the corruption allegation against the Minister.

“Nigerians would want to know when it happened, what hour it happened, what was the level of success of the would-be assassins and other reasons behind the attack,” he said.

Olayoku expressed dismay that nothing has happened since the incident as the probe into the allegations had not proven anything significant.

“The House of Representatives did investigation and is finding it difficult to submit its report. The Federal Government set up its panel and the panel submitted its report secretly and there is nothing coming out from it,” he lamented. [Report with PM News Lagos]

Hehehehehe Yawa don gas on the aviation minister ooooo.

Chei Nigerians make una temper justice with mercy o.



  1. Oladotun Kunle

    November 26, 2013 at 2:26 PM

    Stella Oduah is a clown
    Do you think Nigerians are kids why cook up a story to cover ur mess?
    Ode woman

  2. cole

    November 26, 2013 at 3:05 PM

    Nigerians should leave this our only gift of beauty alone and allow her to rest.They should stop pesting her life. What has she done nobody has not ever done. So let’s see if ther is he or she without sin to stone her first? May God bless Stellah Oduah and Nigeria

  3. gra

    November 26, 2013 at 3:05 PM

    Dis woman and asuu is d greatest joker of d year, aft d paid protest dt is nt enough she decide to lie, anyway if it is true tank God for her bt if nt………..

  4. Ebony

    November 26, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    Madam AVIATION i tot u re are wise but wth dis u present lies u ve prooven to b d most foolish person on Earth pls next tym FINK properly b4 u ACT.jst an ADVICE

  5. FELIX

    November 26, 2013 at 3:17 PM

    You know *** people are criminals it doesn’t matter if she is a woman, crime is in their gene so Nigerians should not be surprised about the unfolding drama from Stella Oduah. Nigerians should expect more TRILLER IN MANILA from Stella Oduah.

  6. Igwe

    November 26, 2013 at 3:48 PM

    I won’t blame u just dat dz corruption is in ur blood…

  7. joe

    November 26, 2013 at 4:34 PM

    @joe…cole what ever u called ur name u better keep ur brown teeth close if dnt av something reasonable to say about dis matter..bird of d same felder

  8. Anguscity

    November 26, 2013 at 7:08 PM

    Madam aviation, why can’t u jst sign up ur resignation letter rather adding more probm to the previous atrocity u committed. God is watching from above.

  9. kheria

    November 26, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    i love this woment but she rimind me president ghadafi because every time is high i dont know if madam she smok because everytime she is closing her eys

  10. kingston

    November 26, 2013 at 10:18 PM

    Lie go kill you Oduah, even your car Reg No 419 (reverse) shows you are a scammer. Do you think Nigeria are fools. Idiot ole

  11. bezo

    November 27, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    Hahaha igbo kwenu, ig** people are bunch of idiots, may God forget you people and your future

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