Islam Banned In Angola, Mosques Closed Down Over Religious Crisis

islam banned in angola

Nov 26, 2013 – Islam Banned In Angola, Mosques Closed Down Over Christians/Muslims Fight

The country of Angola has finally banned Islamic religion over what officials termed frequent religious crisis involving the Christians and Muslims in the African country.

In the past 24 hours, Islamic religion has been declared illegal as demolition of mosques across the country proceed in full force.

Rosa Cruz e Silva, Angola’s minister of culture said all the mosques in the Christian-dominated country would be shut down until further notice.

Rosa said Islam has been considered a sect that is against Angola’s culture, customs and tradition.

The legalisation of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights [and] their mosques will be closed until further notice.” – Said Rosa

According to IBT, mosques across the country are currently being destroyed.

In a press briefing, Angolan President, Jose Edurado dos Santos said: ‘This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country.”

Along with Islam, which is a religion associated with less than one percent of the population of 19 million, 194 other ‘sects’ have been banned in the nation, where more than half of the population is Christian.

Why Angola Banned Islam

According to reports from local media, the sudden move to ban Islam in Angola is as a result of the constant religious clashes involving Christians and Muslims in the country.

The ban will be in effect until further notice.

Angola is the first country in the world to ever ban Islam.

45 thoughts on “Islam Banned In Angola, Mosques Closed Down Over Religious Crisis

  1. As for me, this is the most brilliant president in the world
    He is even smarter than Nigeria’s GEJ who is so dumb and helpless with Jihadist invoking the wrath of their Islamic god on innocent people in Nigeria.

    I wish other countries can illegalize Islam and eradicate this foolish blood thirsty religion from the face of the earth.

  2. Am not one of them but this treatment is really uncalled for,l thought we have freedom of speech and worship,Not all of them are could have being better if they were given a specific rules instead of total destructive of their prayer house. They should gather everything them have because I sense war in the near future.

  3. Dis act is unconstitutional they shld expect a bloody threat or protest frm d dis-eased although am a christain bt dey are oda ways in sesolving dis problem

  4. Whenever Christians do something to Muslims everyone complain, but remember there is banned on the mention of the name of JESUS in so many Arab countries eg. Saudi Arabia and so many of them talk more of building churches there, recentlt in Syria and Iraq they burned & demolish Churches in those countries

    • Why are people always economical wt the truth. what is happening in syria was it religion crisis( muslim vs christian).

      You cannot denied anbody from practising his or religion. christianity is only religion in d world. we have jews, buddish, idol worshippers hindus etc even in isreal were jesus came from, they didnt practice christianity.

      my brother broaden ur knowledge. muslims and christians has been living peaceful in this country before born born came around.

  5. ehhhhhhh what a good idea. how i wish this man will come and lead nigeria for one week. islam is not a releigion, it is a political party formed by one criminal called muhammed.

  6. Subhanallah!! Angola’s president is nt d first person to oppose ISLAM! In d first place it was pple of makkah(Mecca) that opposite IT saying that it is against their culture but did islam stop? NO! In 2006 census Islam is d second largest religion in d world after christianity! And also is d FASTEST growing RELIGION in d world!. So if MR. president like let him start killing muslim over there! God(Allah) wl not allow them to achieve their aim! God wl protect His religion(Islam) n muslim ummah of angola n ol over d world(amen)

  7. Muslim religion advocates and claims peace which has remain elusive till I so write this as candidly as I feel.
    All BLACK Africa have the same blood line running through them cause God who made us the way we are is the omniscient(ALL KNOWING) GOOD!
    Yet! people associate BLACK with evil. We would have been better of in terms of human relations if not for RELIGION AND POLITICS which are intrinsically intertwined.
    I honestly think they should have been left a Mosque where they could go worship in their own way and belief system.
    My problem with the Muslim religion is that they crave to kill and slaughter non Muslims like we are cattle.
    I believe this Angolan President does not have too long to live cause they will haunt him down!
    Sad but true!

  8. God bless Angola… Y must it b muslims, re dey d only religion is dis world y can’t dey practice peace as their ‘so called’ religion says, mtshewwww na wa 4una sef. Abeg mk nigeria use dis one as an example ooo.. I love dis angola president abeg 3 bosas 4d man BOSA! BOSA!! BOSA!!!

  9. My confusion is that moslems always tell the world that islam is peace; yet wherever this religion is practiced there are violence and destruction by members of the sect. Angolan president has taken the right step becos he wants peace for his country. Check out Syria, moslem brotherhood of Egypt, Iran, Afganistan, etc. These are countries rocked by crisis caused by members of islam. How about Nigeria? Bokoharam! My Almighty God is not a violent God. God of peace and love; He’s full of mercy and compassion and any follower of His must have same qualities to please Him.Anything that is violent has to do with the devil.

  10. From ALLAH we come and to him we shall return. The ppl of Makah did more than this to the holy prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) but later embraced the peace ISLAM, so very soon Angola still come to knows d truth.

  11. Isiam say- kill all the unbeliever just as they would kill u all! Kill them, put them to the sword and scatter their armies. Isiam also say- whatever good there is exists thank to the sword people cannot be made obedient except with the sword, the sword is the key to paradise which can be opened only for d holy warriors. Is dis a religion of peace? Osun state, Muslims youth invaded the baptist high school and beat up the christian student and teacher. muslims rule 4, 39yrs=9 President, corruption is d order of d day, rabel govn-6 ar muslims, gen Buhar muslim sponsor of BH. Haba muslim u people should be ashame of yourselves. This is a special warning for these people campaigning for Apc ignoranty what happened is just displayed of Apc character (violence) the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy: Jesus came that we may have life and have it abundantly. Jesus rule period

  12. The others are religions. Christianity is a way of life. The foremost ‘religion’ remains Christianity. Other religions simply try to mimic Christianity e.g Islam. The truth has to be said to glory of the Almighty God, Jehovah Shammah’s name. You’ll notice foremost years were named after Jesus Christ e.g BC (before Christ) and AD (after death). It you check the Bible for some monuments that were mentioned as far back as when the Bible was written, you will notice that they are still there till date if one goes to Jesrusalem. Christianity existed b4 Islam. FACT! Only that Islam got to Africa b4 Christianity. No wonder Africa is so backward in terms of development. Chai! Imagine some peeps wanting to fight education: Boko Haram. If u check d two books u will discover that one copies d other. There are our Biblical Adam, Eve,Isaac etc whom they refer to with supposed Islamic names in the Quran. I have studied the two religions over a long period and I realised Christianity existed before Islam. So if one copies the other, is it the first that will copy the second? The truth is bitter but it is better. Christ is the only way to heaven, and He did not mention sending a Mohammed before His return. He promised us the HOLY SPIRIT, whom He has already sent. Much love.

  13. It is only an original that can have photocopies. Who no like better thing? Islam is such a complicated religion. A religion that one has to learn Arabic to understand some deep aspects of d ‘Holy’ book.I know it has an English version. Where only the Sheiks understand some aspects and keep it to themselves. I was told it has some aspects that support killing of those that are not Muslims. Islam originated from Abraham’s maid’s son, Ishmael in the Bible. Since then, it has been trying to compete with the Only Holy book. Christ is Lord! He reigns forever! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. He that has ear let him hear.

    • Even b4 Ishmael was born, God said dat he (i.e Ishmael) would b a wild one & against evryone & evryone against him, & dat he would b @ odds wit his brothers. Genesis 16. It is all happening2day.

  14. dis president is a very wise and intelligent man. he knows nothing good comes from islam but war, bombing and blood shield. oh how i wish dis could happen in Nigeria, dat would hav be d end of boko haram. upppppppppp Angola.

  15. islam dey say is a peaceful religion. no wonder there is so much peace in iraq, iran, yemen, afganistan. peace hav eluded dis countries as a result of dia religion beleives which says kill 4 allah.

  16. ASSALLAM!! (peace) To my brothers and sisters in ANGOLA l,let the word ISLAM (peace) rain on you,even PROPHET MUHAMMAD(s.a.w) encounteret more then this situetion,his wife’s NANA AISHA,NANA FATIMA have gon through sevear pains by the CRISTAINS of MAKKAH and MADDINA they were all killd by them after all they embrace ISLAM, pray all your 5days dailly prayer in ur home is all accepted INSHAALLAH ASSALAM (peace).

  17. ANGOLA is a very small country that the people there are not even more populated more then the cristians leaving in ABUJA,the CRISTIAN of NIGERIA all have no sens of reasoning,u all hav low thinking faculty in ur contradicted brain,ok if u fink dat wat happend is right!! why is’t not AMERICA??? becoz they are d most HATERET of ISLAM!!! why wount AMERICA be de first to destroy all d MOSQUE in de WORLD??? why wount dey first keep de HISTORY??
    =READ MY LIps
    =1DAY ISLAM will rule ANGOLA!!!.

    • And thats the problem with your religion. Its a kingdom of this world and the ruler of this world is the devil. If your religion is the kingdom of this world, then your ruler is the devil. Jesus said, my kingdom is not of this world … You guys are canal, worldly minded and blind spiritual

  18. my regard to ALH.MALLAM SHEEKH IBRAHIM INYAS of SENIGAL he who delivered more then half of a million of GHANIANS in de COUNTRY of GHANA,i dont wan to said much becoz even de PRESIDENT can’t stand b4 his CONTRADICTED *****!!! coz he was spiritually BLINDED!!!

  19. Islam was brought to Angola by immigrants, the natives are predominantly Catholics if Islamic folks cannot stop their misdemeanor in foreign land,then the axe must fall on their yansh. Do they allow a church in Saudi? I like action-packed leader(s),not the moronic types we are blessed with in Nigeria.

  20. Y is it that d so called muslims are always d first to start making trouble? they are terrorist, murderers, extrimist. if christainity was this way am not sure their would b any muslim on d face of earth. plz repent Jesus is only d way! Before it gets late.

  21. All hail angola ! d decision will give dem peace in there con3,lets spread these peace move all over africa…religion of peace my ass….

  22. Power of the Tongue! Beware of the dirty words you say about another religion. God(Allah) himself knows why he allowed All this religions on Earth.

  23. We can only expect a bloody reply frm moslems. I dnt want 2 use dis medium 2 dress down Islam-believing ppl. But how I wish they could jst ask demselvs soul-searching questions. It is not about d fact dat d middle east is d most volatile place on earth 2day or dat islamic coun3s breed d best terrorists. I listend 2 one Islamic scholar d oda day & he defined an infidel as any human who dznt beliv in ALL d prophets frm God. Accordn 2 Him, a moslem is an infidel even if he belivs in Muhamed yet dishonours Jesus Christ. 4 u not2b an infidel, u must beliv in ALL D PROPHETS.
    Nw comes my wonder. Muhamed preachd ‘kill d infidel’. Jesus preachd ‘God does not delight in d death of a sinner’. Muhamed preachd ‘war against ur enemies’. Jesus said ‘luv ur enemies’. So how could diz 2 men hav d same source? Jesus, knowing fully wel dat many ppl would com claiming 2 hav com frm God in order 2 deciv men, made a categorical st8ment in John 14. He said ‘I AM D WAY, D TRUTH & D LIFE. NO ONE COMES 2 D FATHER BUT BY ME’. There4, if one could attain 2 God via Muhamed, Buddha or any oda name, den Jesus would b a liar. But I thank God it’s not d case. There is no oda name in heaven given among men by which we are saved. A true moslem dat calls himself a ‘fidel’ should beliv in Jesus, and as such, evrythn dat Jesus said.
    Religion in itself is powerless 2 save. But it’s ONLY in Christianity dat u stand a chance of salvation.

  24. Bia all dis muslim go n hug the transformers n shut the fuck up read the history of angola, they were purely colonized by the portuguese which are purr christian n latin country n nothing like mosque or muhamadu or mohammed so if the angolian president destroy the mosques he shud go ahead islam is not any peace they are just green snakes in green grass pretending n hiding the truth, pls all d muslims shud go n listen to the confession by a boko haram member the repented n turned a christian when God arrested him islam is no Peace pls solid quaran or wateva u call urself go n sit dwn Thanks Rosa

  25. Inna lelahi waina ilihi rajaun! my Allah distroy those distroying and laying againts only Allah subahanahu wataala religion (ISLAM)and prophet mohammed sallalahu alaihi wasallam. For dear muslims in angola may Allah protect and prevent you all from enemes of islam.For all muslims in the world least strive seriously in prayers for Allah protection. May Allah vendicate the muslims umma ameen ya rabil alamina. Laila hailala subahanaka inni kunto menal zallamen.

  26. Angola president u think d solution 2 ur headache is 2 cut off ur head.I laugh 2 ur decision about d Muslims in Angola.I swear 2 Almighty u wil regret it. You mumu dat abusing Muslims on line your perished time is near. Go and read d history of antagonists of Islam be4 u.In deed Angola prsdent is d Dullest president I ever hear

  27. God judges our innermost not the flip of the tongue.constant unnecessary religious challenges are some the reasons for conflict,even in our homes and the society we belong is only God that wil judge the actions of the Angolan president and not the noise people are allow God to position him and concentrate on your belief either a Christian or a muslim

  28. The present of Cameroon is a Christian and he banned the operations of some Pentecostal churches in Cameroon.He gave reasons for his actions.the whole world saw reasons in his opinions.,so let the president of Angola tell the world why he is banning the practice of Islam in Angola.and whether the UN charter on human rights is not binding on Angola.

  29. D president is very stupid nd also an illitrate,is dat wat is cal justice? Seen d crisy is btwen d 2 religiou y nt band d 2, it bcos islam is d real religiou who say d truet abt d culture of ur country u nw band dm, and God wil surely hold u 4 wat u did. Am illitrate old fool caling hmself a president

  30. Sometimes i wonder ow people reason…there is no church in saudi and u must not b found or heard calling Jesus Christ,and now angola did d same thing u are complaining…GOD bless Angola God bless the president of Angola.

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