Islam Banned In Angola, Mosques Closed Down Over Religious Crisis


islam banned in angola

Nov 26, 2013 – Islam Banned In Angola, Mosques Closed Down Over Christians/Muslims Fight

The country of Angola has finally banned Islamic religion over what officials termed frequent religious crisis involving the Christians and Muslims in the African country.

In the past 24 hours, Islamic religion has been declared illegal as demolition of mosques across the country proceed in full force.

Rosa Cruz e Silva, Angola’s minister of culture said all the mosques in the Christian-dominated country would be shut down until further notice.

Rosa said Islam has been considered a sect that is against Angola’s culture, customs and tradition.

The legalisation of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights [and] their mosques will be closed until further notice.” – Said Rosa

According to IBT, mosques across the country are currently being destroyed.

In a press briefing, Angolan President, Jose Edurado dos Santos said: ‘This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country.”

Along with Islam, which is a religion associated with less than one percent of the population of 19 million, 194 other ‘sects’ have been banned in the nation, where more than half of the population is Christian.

Why Angola Banned Islam

According to reports from local media, the sudden move to ban Islam in Angola is as a result of the constant religious clashes involving Christians and Muslims in the country.

The ban will be in effect until further notice.

Angola is the first country in the world to ever ban Islam.