Strange Fish That Turns Into Human In Ibadan Is An Octopus (Picture)

June 25, 2013 – Strange Frozen Fish That Turns Into Human In Ibadan Is An Octopus (Photo)

On Tuesday, a fish seller named Ramota in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria claims a frozen fish she bought from a wholesaler turned into a human being when she attempts to de-freeze it.

strange fish ibadan octopus

If you missed the detail story please click here to read it.

According to a detail report on The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) yesterday, the half-human half-fish is actually an octopus.

While watching watching the news story, I couldn’t but laugh out loud because the way the lady described it was so scary.

“I was shocked to see the frozen fish developed into a living being in  the water, the description of which showed half human and half fish. I  quickly called by father and some alfas to see the strange fish.” – said Ramota, the frozen fish seller

Even her father verified her claim;

It was around 11am, when I started  hearing the voice of my daughter while I was resting on my bed. She was  shouting and screaming, such that people in the compound were attracted.  Then, I decided to check what the problem was. I took along my Quran  and on getting there my daughter has gone to call Sheu , a Muslim leader  in the neighbourhood .
I saw the strange fish inside water in  the bucket. It was strange. How can a fish bought in the cold room developed into human? That I cannot fully explain.” – said Ramota’s father

Wonders shall never end in this country ooooo.

See wetin Ramota come give us o…

Well it makes a good joke anytime.

Thanks for making our day Aunty Ramo.

15 thoughts on “Strange Fish That Turns Into Human In Ibadan Is An Octopus (Picture)

  1. What i saw yesterday does not look like an Octopus….but half fish with human legs. unless if the entire story itself is mere fabrications.

  2. omo ibadan..dats y dey abuse una…kini soo ree soo sio nih…ibadan pple..illiterate plenty for una side….calling octopus fish..hahahahahaha..
    i cant laugh oh

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