Survivors Of Kano Suicide Bomb Attacks Narrate Ordeal “How We Escaped Death”

survivor kano suicide bombing

March 20, 2013 – Survivors Of Kano Suicide Bombing Narrate Ordeal “How We Escaped Death”

Survivors of Monday’s suicide bomb attacks at a luxury bus station in Kano have been recounting their tales of woes, especially how they escaped death in the horrible incident in which dozens of innocent passengers died. For Mr. Obinna Omekwe, a middle-aged trader from Abia State, that Monday was one in which he saw death face-to-face. But he remains grateful to God that his life was saved.

The man who sustained multiple injuries and burns, told Daily Sun on his hospital bed that he was barely 10 metres to the point of the blast when the explosion took place, adding that his escape was a miracle. Mr. Obinna recalled that he was actually travelling to Aba to attend an occasion when he found himself at the scene of the tragedy. According to him: “I had arrived at the park early enough, loaded my wares and decided to rest somewhere within the park as there was still time.

“We were at the park just as the loaders and the conductors were checking the passengers and the extra-passengers (attachments). At that time, I was looking at the brand new bus of the company, (Gobison Motor) and was appreciating the newness and the beauty of the vehicle. “Barely two seconds after, there was a huge blast. Its noise was so resounding that it threw everybody into confusion. All I could remember was that I was running towards a direction and that I saw people running too.

“Just when I got to the main gate, the second blast exploded. The two blasts happened barely two minutes in between. When I got to this stage, I realized that I was injured and I could not say exactly the extent of the injuries. “There were several persons that were falling and running. It was chaotic. People were running. It was like hell. There were those whose bodies were shattered. They were in blood and it was awful, but at that time, I could not stop to note the details.

My legs and back were stuck, my heart was panting. I could feel the pains then but I just ran and ran. “I think in all, the people that would have died in the bomb attacks were more than 60 persons, based on what I saw. Because I was about 10 metres near the bus, and you can see my body, you see how it is. What about those who are already in the bus?” Chukwudi Samuel Nwodo is another survivor.

But for him, his survival is a story for another day, adding that his biggest problem is how to tell his sister that her husband had died in the attack.

Speaking to Daily Sun with swollen eyes, he recalled how his in-law, a very popular driver and manager was killed by the suicide, saying he died in deep pains His words: “I am an in-law to the famous Lawrence Onwayi, alias Osisi Kan Ngwu, the famous driver and ex –manager who died last night (Monday night) at the Armed Forces Hospital.

“He was the husband of my sister, my cousin, whose name is Patience. My deceased in-law was from Otuocha in Anambra State and had been in the motor park in the last 15 years. “Our last moment was rather normal. We were at the centre of the park and we were sitting in the middle of the park with the chairman of the task force.

“The second Gobison bus that was going to Lagos came and was on the final check up to take off. During the process, the Golf car drove in, and soon after it screeched to a halt, we heard the blast. “Onwayi was in the front of the other Gobison bus that was to go to Port Harcourt. He was in front of the vehicle, thinking that the car that arrived were passengers “The blast tore through the middle of his back. It was rather horrific as it tore his back almost into two. “We rushed him to the hospital.

The first clinic we rushed him to was Modulla Clinic on Emir Road, but they could not handle the challenge. That night we moved him to Lafia Surgery, but they said that they could not handle it and they advised us to take him to the Armed Forces Hospital. “We went to the Armed Forces Hospital. Here, they tried their best, but they reported back to us that they could not go further, asking us to take him to Daula Hospital. “At that point, they rushed him to Daula Hospital. They asked me to go home and wait. It was at this point that I came home. All night, it was not possible for me to sleep.

“On getting to the hospital this (Tuesday) morning, I met a huge shock. It was unbelievable. On arrival at the hospital, they presented me with the papers with which they prepared his corpse and told me that he had died last night. That was the end. “For me, I cannot still believe it . It is like a nightmare. I was with him at the hospital, I was with him all through yesterday and we were one happy family.

Now, he is no more. He is gone. “My biggest problem is that I don’t know what to tell his wife. I don’t know what to tell my sister. Right now, she didn’t know that her husband had died, she is waiting for the good news that he’s alive. But he’s dead.”

[Report by DESMOND MGBOH, Daily Sun ]

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  4. A day will definatelly come when they too shall be destroy. Foolish animals who called themselves human. May all their souls rest in perfect peace!

  5. I weep for Nigeria.

    I see war in the North. A war that will distergrate Nigeria. Then there will be peace.

  6. i feel like crying haring this storys of innocent nigerians! But all i can say is that they will not go free befor God. We all need to pray seriouly for this country

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