Swiss Woman Writes Buhari As Nigerian Scammers Threaten Handicapped Son With Suicide


swiss woman open letter to buhari

September 6, 2017 – Swiss Woman Writes Open Letter To Buhari As Nigerian Scammer Threatens Handicapped Son With Suicide

Open Letter to President Mohammadu Buhari

To many people, Nigeria is termed as the country of scammers and cheats. I am sorry, but this is a true and an ugly word to use for a country that is so rich in history.

Young vulnerable people, old vulnerable people are taken advantage of by these unscrupulous scammers and cheated out of their life savings. They have no heart and are callous.

My young son, has been a victim to these scammers. His life savings have been gobbled up by this scammer who goes under the name of Mike Bauer. He now calls himself Tion Bauer. My son, young, vulnerable, handicapped, and of limited intelligence has been used and is still being used by this man.

My son, thoroughly brainwashed, now begs his friends and relations to give him SFR. 10’000 to give to this man. This is a fortune that no one can afford, and my son cried for days, and even tried to commit suicide because he could not come up with this sum. The Child Protection Agency took over last month and my son’s bank account is now frozen. But my son has been cheated out of a sum of SFr. 15’000 – his life savings. An emotional blackmail, because Mike / Tion Bauer threatened my son with suicide if he did not come up with the money.

I humbly ask you, Mr. President that this man, Mike / Tion Bauer who pretends to be an American living in Britain but has an Nigerian telephone number be caught and tried. We would like to see the sum of SFr. 15’000 being refunded to our son by him.

My son sent the money to:

The United Bank for Africa

Account Name: Madu Emmanuel

Bank Address: No 4 Uba Mbari Street Owerri, imo state Nigeria

Account Number: 3002161148

Swift Code: UNAFNGLA

Mike / Tion Bauer’s Telelephone Number: +234 903 037 0552

The reason for my writing an open letter to you, Mr. President, is because I do not know whether my letter to you would be reached or even read by you. We are little people. We are not rich. We have no influence. But we have a Nigerian President who has promised to fight corruption when sworn in as President. And we have God.

Yours sincerely,

Anjou Christen

Copy to : The Nigerian Police

The Banks of Nigeria and especially to The United Bank for Africa