Bishop Akan Weeks Tagged Satanist For Moving Ordination To Abak After 60 Die In His Church

bishop akan weeks continues ordination abak town

December 10, 2016 – Uyo Church Founder Apostle Akan Weeks Tagged Satanist For Moving Ordination Service To Another Location (Abak Town) After 60 People Die In His Church In Uyo

The founder of a doomed church building that collapsed in Uyo Akwa Ibom State this morning has come under heavy fire for allegedly moving his ordination service to another location shortly after 60 people died in his church.

According to a Facebook user who lost friends to the tragedy, Bishopric as he is fondly called moved his speakers and some dignitaries who survived the incident to a rented hall in Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State to continue the ordination service.

The service was reportedly disrupted by Pastor Bassey Umoh, the Permanent Secretary to Akwa Ibom State Government.

He reportedly called him a Satanists for conducting ordination while people were mourning their loved ones who died today.


Where is his sense of compassion… End time is here ooo.

23 thoughts on “Bishop Akan Weeks Tagged Satanist For Moving Ordination To Abak After 60 Die In His Church

  1. very insensitive..he should be made to face the law,i smell substandard materials used in erection of the building.RIP to the dead even the governor who was saved cannot shut down the ceremony and declare a day or two for mourning .even though his aide save his life.yeye de smell

  2. Nigerians wake the fuck up and smell wateva you wana smell all this muthafucking ***** are devils the don’t know god at all the should all sell there fucking private jets and rolls Royces and bentleys these are highly intellectual demons that you guys are living with in the society please my people wake up stop sleeping and say enough is enough fuck all of them cockroaches that call themselves ***** fuck them

  3. pussie cats.
    another tn joshua isshh.

    tn joshua don teach am how to kill ppl inside church.
    jesus abeg no vex.
    do come quick

  4. We need not be told that something is fishy here. Many people that are now pastors today are really demons that should be feared and be resisted. It takes the grace of God to be able to recognized such ones.

    What sort of silly ordination service is he holding in another local government area when their is still so many dead body strewn across the floor in his collapsed church building and where rescue activities by the people were still very much under way? Is this handwriting not clear enough that this are occultic men who only one’s to use people as human sacrifice to boost their miracle power or performance,to magically attract thousands of people to their church and eventually become one of the richest pastor in the country? In few months latter come back and check this man’s record,you will be struck with fright,dismay and extreme apprehension to witness the myriads upon myriads of people that will latter be streaming to his church and the level of wealth and popularity that will come his way. Real demon in human skin pastor. You’ve succeeded,yours is coming.


  6. Good morning and Happy Sunday lovelies.
    What has happened in my own state yesterday, the #collapse of The Reigners Bible Church along Uyo village rd has really called for a #SoberReflection.

    So many people there had plans for today just like u, but today they are no more,

    So many left their wife/husband and children at home promising to buy something for them on his/her way back….but couldn’t come back home just to have a glimpse of his/her family,

    Some left home with their wife, promising the children and love ones of their return….but are not yet back till now.

    For once in Life, i had a sleepless night.

    We should be prepared at all times knowing that the #End_is_at_hand…..#crying

    The question that shud be ringing as a bell in our ears is “#If_rapture_takes_plc_now, where will u spent eternity”?
    if of a truth that he moved to Abak Local Govt. to conclude the ordainment, then Akan Weeks is evil
    he has no human sympathy
    he does not deserved to be called a man of God
    he is guilty of mega sacrifice

    may the soul of my friends; Dr. Cyril Ekong and Ernest Edem with Peace Umoh rest in peace

  7. tomorrow they will tell you don’t speak against man of God, touch not anointed and do my prophet nor harm just to scare people from speaking the truth. if it is true that he still went ahead for his ordinations as a Bishop then he is heartless.

    why do people prefer Titles over life? its so so annoying.

  8. December 10, 2016 shall never be forgotten by Akwa Ibom people. December 10 shall be remembered in Akwa Ibom State as “Reigners Black Saturday”. May the souls of the departed rest in peace and May God shower his love on their family, console and keep them. I however call on the State Government to declare December 10 a public holiday in Akwa Ibom State in remembrance of the departed.

  9. This might not be a true story. I can observe that false accusation and mob lynching is becoming so easy these days because of personal hatred and jealousy.
    People are grieved and very annoyed but it is very wrong to use this horrible and sad event to blackmail the pastor in question.
    We must be careful condemning and crucifying this man who is also aggrieved by this tragedy in the church where he presides.

    • Trigger you are one of those demons who orchestrated the horrible tragedy. How do you mean they should not blackmail the pastor. Did you call this blackmail? I seriously wonder how people like you think. You have to challenge anybody who is more mindless and sappy than you if you still believe in this your agent of devil called pastor. That is why people like you are their target. It could have made much different if he was among the dead.

  10. I sympathised with u all who has lost friends,brothers,sisters,dad and mum.I also use a minute silent to RIP to my very good friend and customer Clara, I pray that almighty God will accept ur soul in Heaven…. To Akan weeks,am speechless..let the will of God be done

  11. I just hope people will learn from this…stop washipping these self aclaimed “god of men”…stop going to their churches and giving them money!

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