Thief Arrested While Stealing Light Up Lagos Project Cable In Ogudu [PHOTO]

cable thief arrested ogudu lagos

April 4, 2016 – Thief Arrested While Stealing Light Up Lagos Project Cable In Ogudu [PICTURE]

Meet 29-year-old Lucky Udeagwu who wasn’t so lucky over the weekend after RRS officials on patrol caught up with him while attempting to steal a 35-metre long armoured cable for project Light Up Lagos.

Udeagu was caught at Ogudu area of Lagos with two accomplices who later escaped into the bus around 3am on Saturday.

This is what RRS commander said about the arrest:

Early Saturday morning, we saw Lucky (Udeagwu) and two other guys carrying a big sack coming towards Ogudu bus stop.

Because it is straight road, we could see them from a far. They dropped the bag at the bus stop. “When they sighted RRS vehicle, they took to their heels in different directions. But Lucky was not so lucky; we caught him.

At the time of his arrest, Lucky had screw driver, spanner and other tools in his possession.

13 thoughts on “Thief Arrested While Stealing Light Up Lagos Project Cable In Ogudu [PHOTO]

  1. I’m so happy they caught him. He will lead the RRS to the other criminals. Good for him. I hope they dealt with accordingly.

  2. It is understandable that he will steal light cables since theft is an activity which the perpetrators wish to remain in the dark. Tif Tif man! Mchweeeeeeew.

  3. Tif-tif na profession of darkness so e go tif light cables to stop light being brought. Ole!

  4. Your name does not have any influence on your life. Because if it does, you wont have been stealing, and even when you stole, you wont be caught.

    How could you even be lucky when you were out just to steal what belong to the public.
    So you are one of the parasites that would prefare Lagos State, THE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE to remain in darkness, hence your stealing one of the cables meant to light up Lagos.

    See im face like wetin them take seperate fight, idiot.
    Make i stroll go look for one grasscutter kill near any swamp o jare.

  5. It is a pity, luck run out of him, let him face the music. God punish the devil. You better be born again, stop stealing because God Loves you

  6. ‘But Lucky wasn’t so Lucky’, that really got me laughing. Anyway it’s a good thing he was caught

  7. See his face like that of herbalist. The opposite of lucky is unlucky which is working 4 U because U & ur college are evil men. Best of luck rot in jail !

  8. We are tired of all this stupid and bastard *** boys in Lagos , they will come all the way from their village to come and still in Lagos , whoever want to spoil Lagos for us will not succeed IJN . Eko oni baje ooooooooooooo. Obaje ti .

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