Tinubu Sues AIT Over Defamatory PDP Sponsored Political Documentary

tinubu sues ait

March 2nd, 2015 – Tinubu Sues AIT Over PDP Sponsored Political Documentary Aimed At Rubbishing His Image

All Progressives Congress National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is set to sue the management of the Daar Communications Limited, owners of the Africa Independent Television, AIT for the defamatory content of a documentary aired on Sunday.

The letter from Tinubu’s lawyer,Tunji Abayomi reads in part,

You aired an hour long documentary focusing on our client (Bola Tinubu). Clearly pre-occupied with political resentment and hatred neither warranted, necessary, proper, or justified, you published several false allegations against our client…More disturbing is your misrepresentation that the said documentary was “sponsored” without disclosing the “sponsors”. You cannot under law, hide under media freedom to maliciously injure a citizen’s reputation”

To affirm the right of our client against your defamatory publication, we demand that you confirm to us within 24 hours of receipt of this letter, an apology and retraction of the said publication/documentary.”

6 thoughts on “Tinubu Sues AIT Over Defamatory PDP Sponsored Political Documentary

  1. Rubbish, dont go to court now wait after election u go to court ones and for all.

  2. Tinubu who first started all dis character assasination, ansa s ameachi n lie lie mohammed n even some of yur govs like fashola, pdp wia like babies n been quiet, nw s hv started dias why cry wolf, go n buy sahara tv n do yurs……if u can stand d heat shut up n go n blame amechi touts 4 insultin jonathn n his wife fool

  3. This will serves AIT right, there is another TV Station who just moved from Maryland to Lagos lbadan express way that does similar thing. The court should tell them to either continue or put a stop to it.

  4. Ubong I can see you are not applying your ***** before writing…Madam Patience is a Comedian which we all know.Both Badluck Jonathan and Patience are clueless.

    • *****. I watched the full document title Lion of Bourdillion both on Sunday and Monday. All the content there in is true nothing but the truth.

  5. Tinubu got what he deserves. Is afraid his misdeeds and corrupt tendencies are now in public purview. He has beensponsoring such bad press against others.why is is he crying wolf when the content of that piece is believed to be true.ait, let him go to court

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