Refuting Anti Tithes And Offering Teachings: Answers To Common Questions About Tithing

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December 4, 2017 – Refuting Anti Tithes And Offering Teachings: Answers To Common Questions About Tithing

By Mebinone Kehinde

Indeed tithes & offering was instituted in the old testament but the comment of Christ shows that paying tithes & offering is not forbidden.

Here are some frequently asked questions on Tithes and Offering

  • What Did The Levites Do With The Tithe 
  • Did The Priests Tithe
  • Is Tithing Unbiblical
  • Did The Disciples Tithe
  • Is Tithing Mandatory In The New Testament
  • Did Jesus Pay Tax
  • Bible Verse About Tithing In The New Testament
  • Is Tithing A Law Or Commandment
  • Where Is Tithing Mentioned In The Bible
  • Why Should We Christians Tithe

This interesting teaching by Mebinone Kehinde should address the above questions

1) Does Christ approved payment of tithes & offering?

Open along with me to( Matthew 23:23:Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone).

Here Christ rebuked the pharisees for placing tithes & offering above the weightier matters of the law(judgement,mercy& faith) which can be liking to placing tithes & offering above our Salvation. It can be inferred here that when a believer had received the grace of God to live a righteous life (saved), he/ she must not do away with paying tithes & offering( … and not to leave the other “tithes & offering” undone ie unpaid Matthew 23:23).

In summary, ensure you are first saved (the weightier teaching of Christ (John3:3) then don’t forget to pay your tithes&offering.

At the same time,the Lord Jesus commended the woman that offered all that she had unto God despite her poverty(Luke 21:1-4). She should had been rebuked rather, if Christ didn’t approve payment of tithes & offering. Being poor is not an excuse for not paying tithes &offering.

2) Are We Allowed To Pay Tithes When We Are Not Israelites Or Collect Tithes When We Are Not Levites?

Are we worthy to pay tithes & offering when we are not an Israelites and collect when we are not a Levite?. The answer is YES.

We must understand that been Gentiles before now, we are all an adopted Israelites unto God. And through our faith in Christ we become an Israelite unto God as well, an adopted sons and daughters of Abraham(Galatians 3:7,8 &26).

So why are some preachers saying, “since we are not an Israelite we are not expected to pay tithes and offering” & collect since we are not Levites.

3) Where do I pay my tithes & offering?.

From the beginning tithes&offering were been collected at the temple majorly for the Levite (consecrated full-time priest of God) to feed on.

Coming to the book of Malachi (Malachi 3:10…). God demanded for tithes to be brought to his house( Church) that their may be meat(Food, resources,money…) in his house.

This remains the practice in Jesus days(Matthew 12:41-44). And in the apostles days(1 Corinthians 16:1-

Your tithes is just 10% out of 100%, you can however still help the poor with the remaining 90% with u but your tithes and any offering you are offering unto God must be paid directly to the church. All genuine Christians need not to be taught to help the poor, helping the poor should be a routine.

4) Do I Get Rewarded When I Pay My Tithe & Offering

Finally, as regards blessing that follows tithes & offering, the payment is our responsibility unto God. Not a job via which we earn, ” just as no Pastor pay us for the time we spent in the church ” but on the long run God in his power and wisdom will make a way for our prosperity here and in eternity(Malach3:10-11).
Tithes & offering is for the running of church activities, sponsor missionaries, for making necessary payment in the church also for helping the poor in a collective mode.

If anyone is embezzling it, he should be preparing for God’s wrath. But as a believer you are oblique to pay . You would have had right not to pay if it is a human or church based ordinance. Since it is of God no one is exempted.

And my question is; what will a genuine believer be doing in the church of a fake fraudulent pastors/prophet. The person must examine his/her own life. Thanks.

[Article By Mebinone Kehinde.]

9 thoughts on “Refuting Anti Tithes And Offering Teachings: Answers To Common Questions About Tithing

  1. Whoever put this together is blessed forever.
    Am even more surprised that you took the matter right on more than the money grabbing pastors and that fool called freeze. I hail you

  2. all this people complaining about tithe, they don’t what churches to exist anymore, satan is just trying to kill people moral from serving God, if you don’t your tith or offering, how can the mission move on?


  4. Nawao when it comes to money issues naija no they carry last. Why are other sins (like fornication and adultery, even among pastors, corruption, kidnapping, sodomy, etc) that are prevalent in Nigeria and the myriad of problems facing the common man daily not receiving the kind of “treatment” and attention that tithing is receiving, so that there’ll be joy in heaven over even one sinner that repents? Do you think God is more concerned about your tithe than about your soul?
    If tithing equals prosperity and abundance why do Africans get poorer by the day and the oyibos that introduced Christianity but don’t pay tithes get richer by the second? Why are the other issues “treated” by Freeze not receiving the attention tithing is receiving?
    FYI, paying tithes will not take you to heaven, any more than not paying it will take you to hell. The birds of the air and the fish of the seas don’t pay tithes, yet God takes care of them!
    Use that tithe to take care of that brother, sister, employee, coworker, child, wife, husband, relative, neighbor, etc of yours who is hungry, suffering, dying and naked. Doing so is more blessed than giving it to one corrupt human like you who calls himself a pastor and will use it for the things of the flesh our Savior and Model, Jesus never owned. If anyone wants to quote the Scriptures to defend tithing, such should also quote same to defend the ideals of modesty, brotherly love, uprightness, accountability, transparency and kindness as espoused by our Lord Jesus, which are, however, lacking among most Christians and so-called pastors today.
    The Great Commission in Matthew 28 was given to us all, as such we’re kings, priests and pastors. And God can be worshipped anywhere, not necessarily in an enclosed structure (Church) Most of the sermons of our Lord Jesus did not take place in a Church. So the arguments about paying tithes to pastors in a Church do not hold water.
    The apostles earned their living. Let these pastors earn theirs. How many poor citizens are the Church leaders and pastors helping with the tithes they’ve been collecting from time immemorial? Everyone is helping their pockets, children, and shoring up wealth even for generations unborn at the expense of the poor, needy and gullible Nigerian!

  5. You people (pastors) should focus your energy also in speaking out against the bad government and encouraging people to pay their taxes.Focusing on tithe because that’s go directly to their pocket.

    Most of the so called pastors are conniving with politicians just to keep the masses in darkness.

  6. Nicky 10/10… May God bless you richly for this your comment.
    I stand with Daddy Freeze, I stand with Nicky. I also stand with the Pastor and founder of MFM Moutain of Fire miracles Ministry who said “Tithing is not compulsory“ That was a GO of a church himself talking.

    Before His ascention, Jesus Christ (GTHNF)=Glory To His Name Forever, commissioned His Apostles and followers to go into the World and preach the Gospel and win souls NOT to make business with the Gospel by emphasising so much about Tithe and Offerings that can‘t take anyone to Heaven at last.

    Remove Tithe from the Church today and you would wake up to a great surprise. There won‘t be clamour for who want to be a senior pastor or that in the Church anymore or planting new Churches. In fact, some already existing Churches will be closed down and they would turn such place to a “PURE WATER SELLING DEPOT“ or something.
    May God help us.

    I take a stroll…

  7. We are waiting for Freeze to openly launch his campaign against Tithe I bet you he will get more followers than any pastor in Nigeria I see extortion in the church coming to an end

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