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Christmas Reflection: Biblical Answers To Sex During Pregnancy

biblical answers sex during pregnancy

Christmas Reflection: Biblical Answers To Sex During Pregnancy

Should a husband and his wife have sex when the wife is pregnant?

By Femi Kusa

Even Christian doctors support the view that sex during pregnancies relaxes muscles which would help a pregnant woman easily and safely expel the baby during the birthing process.

African tradition discourages this, as we know. In this tradition, a pregnant woman does not share the same bed with her husband.

She retires to the women’s section of their house. The herbalist knows what herbs to give at every stage of a pregnancy. One of them is named EWE ABIWERE, the leaf for easy birthing.

Again, the bible offers the christian an answer to this question. Christians will remember that Mary the mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth, mother of John the baptist, forerunner of Jesus in his mission on earth, were cousins.

While Mary was pregnant, she paid a visit to Elizabeth who, like her, was pregnant. When both women met, the bible reports, the babies in their wombs leapt with joy.

My understanding of this is that both babies recognised each other and were happy that the mission they had come for was in progress. John the baptist is a leader of the human specie in a region of paradise which is the CREATED paradise.

In this part of paradise are to be found the spirit beings created in the image of God. Turn or twist as those of us human spirits on earth may be, we are not the ones created in his image.

Our own realm in paradise is a much lower one where inhabitants developed to maturity in the LIKENESS of CREATED BEINGS.

We are here on earth like seeds sown in the soil(remember the parable of the sower by Jesus.) From the earth soil we are to sprout, flower and fruit…and return home in the lower regions of paradise . Created beings, like John the baptist, only come here to help us out of those beliefs and actions which delay our ascent homewards

. Do we as christians ever wonder why Jesus said no man born of a woman on earth can be as great as John the Baptist?

Back to our question. The knowledge of Baby Jesus and Baby John the baptist greeting each other across the wombs of their respective mothers-to-be has been expanded for us by science. Now, we know that babies in the wombs respond to music and to incantations.

In experiments, babies have been shown to respond differently to particular music. Traditional attendants educate us in their work that babies with irregular presentations in the womb can be “spoken” to, to properly engage the birth passage .

With this knowledge that the unborn baby can literally see us and know what we are doing in the “other room”, should these things happen even if the doctor says we can go ahead? We deceived ourselves if we think there are no third parties in the room with us.

When these babies are born and begin to indulge in adult activities too early in their lives, sometime with consequent permanent emotional or physical damage, are we not spiritually culpable and bound to them until they can resolve their discomfitures sometimes in another or more earth lives?

So, ladies and gentlemen, this Christmas season, like any other, should be a season of spiritual retreat for us all, and not a time for revelry, during which we focus exclusively on the High salvage Mission of the Love of God, JESUS, to the earth, examine ourselves to see if we truly are following His teachings, pinch ourselves on the skin if we are not, revisit all old teachings in THE LIGHT OF TRUTH that He brought, cast off wrong notions and deepen our recognitions of the grains of Truth we still can salvage from the Chaff.



  1. paul k

    December 26, 2019 at 3:44 AM

    I was thinking about it last week. Did Joseph get a chance to mate Mary

    • Metu Nyetu

      December 26, 2019 at 12:58 PM

      IF YOU MEAN before the birth of Jesus, then the answer is No. But after the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph formerly consummated their union, and Jesus had other brothers and sisters.

  2. Metu Nyetu

    December 26, 2019 at 1:13 PM

    WRITER, I THOUGHT that you sought to tell us the immoral implications of sex during pregnancy. As far as I know, there is none. You can only approach this issue medically. In a normal pregnancy, sexual activities could be observed until four to six week to EDD.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, THIS IMAGE OF GOD YOU SPEAK of is not what Christians understand it to be. Your explanations here is a sharp departure from scriptural truth. All men(not some select few, as you claim) are created in the image of God(Gen 1: 27).

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