Tonto Dikeh Becomes ‘Lady Evangelist’ As Ex-Husband Intensifies Charity Drive In Abuja

tonto dikeh lady evangelist

July 31, 2017 – Tonto Dikeh Becomes ‘Lady Evangelist’ As Ex-Husband Intensifies Charity Drive In Abuja

Tonto Dikeh seems to have found a new calling as a gospel preacher even as her husband intensifies his charity effort in Abuja.

Though critics claimed Kunle Churchill is doing the round-the clock charity drives to put his ex-wife to shame, the actress seems unperturbed by the celebrity-inspired charity mission which started last week.

The self-proclaimed radical for Christ took to the social media on Sunday to release word of wisdom into the life of her fans while telling them to give their life to Christ for a new beginning.

The mother of one who recently walked out of her marriage said the following before launching into tongues.

Drama queen indeed.

13 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Becomes ‘Lady Evangelist’ As Ex-Husband Intensifies Charity Drive In Abuja

  1. There is something about this lady that doesn’t look okay. I think she needs psychiatric evaluation.


  3. EVEN WHEN A “GENUINE” MAN OF GOD SPEAKS in tongues, I tend to wonder how real the strange language is. Now you can imagine the doubts in my heart to see Tonto Dike blasting out spasmodically.

    • Tonto is truly in a situation as @mrs c said. She can’t tell reality and acting apart anymore. She always in character. God will heal her.

  4. Do not judge for you too will be judge leave tonto alone.God has a way to call his children back .The devil come to steal kill and to destroy but Jesus Christ has come to give life more abundantly.If you cannot encourage her of what she is going throught don’t try to bring her down.stop all this name calling about Tonto you never know it might be your own turn tommorrow to be ib a similar situation.

  5. I wonder why people think they can judge people. Yes you knew her yesterday but things must have changed. Let God be the judge. Face your goddam life and leave Tonto alone. There are so situations that bring us closer to God. If you can’t feel her pain kindly stop up your dirty mouth. There is a say that do not throw stones of you live in an apartment built in glass. Anyone can be in a situation tomorrow. This is a woman who chose to be happy despite going through heartbreaks and neglect. Tonto may all those who mocks you be in sorrow 10 times of what you going through. If she had been depressed and crying everyday, you all would have also seen something to write. Haters

  6. Hahaha! Hahaha!! Hahaha!!! Yabaleft is calling you…and you’ve yielded their call. Kpele you are deceiving yourself, better repent for real after serious deliverance. You don dash your fake pastor offering finish he come zuga you finish, you come dey practice the zugaering on your way home. Good luck! All I felt from you was negative vibes and the serpentized spirits in you during your tongue twisting God have mercy on you!!!

  7. @love ,why are you cursing. Why do we Nigerians claim to be religious and be cursing? You call yourself Love and you are preaching sympathy,understanding and love and you are cursing!.Most of Nigeria’s issues must stem from too many curses. May God help us.
    Tonto’s behaviour is a cause for concern:she claims to be a Christian, but she is the typical Pharisee;she has not addressed or apologised for the letter she wrote to her mother-in -law; she believes she has given the woman what she deserves and she can go on being a ‘Christian’; she is going through a situation and she feels she has to go through the healing process on stage and in our faces; she is speaking in tongues right on cue !If all these do not produce the frown factor, then what should? Tonto alone has put on our faces so many worry lines and wrinkles!Urgently, she needs a well-organised intervention from friends and family and needs some periods of quiet meditation and prayers. She is beginning to appear like the better half of Melaye, for God’s sake!Her husband is smart he is appearing responsible,caring and well put together, while she is raving and ranting.

  8. After all said and done leave Tonto alone some of you your own case is even worst than tonto case.comparing tonto to her husband if u may know not all that gilters is GOLD.

  9. She is nothing but devil’s internet, with all the nonsense on her face and nail’s, you guys are calling her an Evangelist.

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