Tonto Dikeh Flaunts Blackberries & iPhones On Instagram To Prove Worth To Fans

tonto dikeh blackberries

Sept 1st, 2013 – Tonto Dikeh Flaunts Blackberries & iPhones On Instagram To Prove Worth To Fans

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh a recent survivor of suicide has adopted a flashy lifestyle since her ordeal few weeks ago.

The actress who is now living a flamboyant lifestyle recently display her multimillion naira gold-plated telecommunication gadgets to fans via her social network page.

According to sources, the actress is now using gadgets acquisition to make herself happy.

Tonto Dikeh recently shared these photos of her newly acquired blackberries & iPhone via her Instagram profile to proof her worth to fans.

“Hear what a fan said about her
@tontolet well to be straight abt dis? Dont tink u nid dem all… Iphone n bb iz okay not 10 bbz…Lolz u can hv a duplex of 8 rooms nd we all know u can’t sleep on more dan jus one bed. Pls giv to the less privilege, kipping all of dem doesn’t mean ur biggest job wwuld be ringed wif all, we all knw u re comfy bu its good be a cheerful giver and u receive bountifully, u re blessed ijn more Greece to ur givers elbow n urs”

Tonto Dikeh is still single.

Enjoy your life girl now we all know you worth something.

13 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Flaunts Blackberries & iPhones On Instagram To Prove Worth To Fans

  1. Blackberries @ iphones is not the best thing in life tonto, we will be happy with you if you say you went to less privilege and build a house not flaunting phones of rings on instagram.

  2. Wish Na your wedding ring you flaunt now e for good. @ this age you still act like some 6year old kid mum just bought a new toy. Grow up girl

  3. Tonto nw dat u hv camedown,dnt spend ur money 2 people who will not respect them,go 2 d less previlage ones,like motherless home,etc,dat is sacrifice u re doin.God will reward u.dnt tnk or listen 2 wat people will said.listen 2 wat God will said or do in ur life.he is d only one 2 reward u.pls forget d old life.God will bless u aboundantly,remember as human, one most critisice u take note.

  4. What can people remember u for when u are gone,so u need to make an impact in ur world with what God has blessed u with,be wise.

    • @luchi if u are not updated she has done a lot for the less priviledge also ,she is doing wat makes her happy how many times have u gone to motherless to give or share food with ur Neighbor ,when u buy new cloths or anytin new don’t you show off wat will d world rmber u wt too who know u so stp blaming cursing cox if u were in her show u myt show off more than her and moreover a lot of celebrity show off their cars nd house nd wrist watch. And so on why is her own so bad

  5. Don’t blame her,sometimes in life when some 1 is not happy. U buy tins to make urself. Happy I do dat most tyms she is trying to make herself happy

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