Tonto Dikeh Threatens To Kill Gay Boutique Owner Babatunde Rufai..Fans Question Her Faith

tonto dikeh threatens kill gay boutique owner

Nov 10, 2017 – Tonto Dikeh Threatens To Kill Alleged Gay Boutique Owner Babatunde Rufai Of Wear It All, A Friend Of Kokun Foundation…Fans Question Her Faith 

When Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill called her a violent woman, hell almost let loose as the actress used everything in her power to shut down the claim.

The claim she allegedly hired a lawyer to debunk is gradually coming true as the true colour of Tonto Dikeh is beginning to appear to all.

It all started when Kokun Foundation’s owner Adepeju Olukokun shared a photo of his friend on his Instagram page @iamkokun.

Tonto Dikeh later sent a series of DM to Olukokun to express her hatred for Babatunde Rufai, the founder of Lekki Lagos based Wear It All Boutique.

Tonto who has never met Rufai before was so bitter about him to the point where she threatened to kill him because she believes he is gay.

Apparently Kokun Foundation boss, Adepeju Olukokun sent the DM to his friend, warning him to watch his back because of Tonto Dikeh’s threat.

He then removed all his photos and quit Instagram after the shocking revelation

When Rufai saw all of Tonto’s threat, he revealed the screen shot to FamousBlogNG who in turn took it to the social media.

See the screenshots of the direct message below

Rufai is now threatening to sue Tonto Dikeh for defamation of character and threat to life.

babatunde rufai

Meanwhile, fans of the Nollywood actress are beginning to doubt her faith in God.

This new revelation brings doubt to Tonto’s born again claim.

Her fans have wondered how possible for a Born again Christian to freely use the word ‘Hate’ and the word ‘kill’ in referring to a fellow she has the mandate to love according to the Bible!.

Is Tonto really a born again believer or just a drama queen that she is?

7 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Threatens To Kill Gay Boutique Owner Babatunde Rufai..Fans Question Her Faith

  1. A real born again will never marry another woman’s husband so she is not one.
    She is nothing but a crack addict


  2. You people should leave tonto alone. You want to bring her down by all means. U shall not succeed. Why did the guy delete all the pictures? A private chat has been turned to a public chat. Tonto you need to watch the people around you and watch your conversation with people b4 they implicate you Wise up. No one is perfect.

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