Tonto Dikeh’s Heart Broken By Boyfriend, Request Kiss From Fans

tonto dike heart broken

March 17, 2013 – Tonto Dikeh’s Heart Broken By Boyfriend, Request Kiss From Fans

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh is a woman of few words but recently the actress has started exposing her intimate secrets on Twitter.

The poko babe who recently runs to God for an intimate encounter might be going through heart break.

tonto dikeh heart broken

Two days ago, below is what Tonto Dikeh said about the man she is reportedly dating;

“Watchin him change in2 an unspeakable n unfeelin Monzter**watchin him watchin mii, itz a thin line** Gud nite Loverz”

She further said;
“Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.

Sm1 any1 plz kizz mii (Hh) n say a Lil prayer 4mii*** Love ya’ll”

tonto dikeh heart broken

Heya! Tonto Dikeh is definitely going through a rough time in her romance.

Now she is requesting a kiss from Twitter fans..

Hang in there babe! Tough times don’t last… tough people do.

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29 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh’s Heart Broken By Boyfriend, Request Kiss From Fans

  1. Jst b easy on urslf n b kul gal. Its nt d end of d wrld bside thr ar beta guys out thr who ar wilin 2 do anytin jst 2 kum clos 2 ya. So cheer up gal!

  2. Tonto,make me belive that u’re being bornagain is not a mission to distrat a pastor in that ch**ch u worship# if u nid a kiss y nt kiss sum1 close 2 u.nt online

  3. Tonto! U dnt hv 2 nid a kiss 4rm we ur fans, bt i can assured u dis z nt d end of d worl, dnt wory tough tym neva last bt tough pple do.

  4. Tonto u don,t have to be bordered about a man. Afterall u are beautiful another man will come.. Cheer up gal.. Come on!

  5. Life is nt all abt man, when u get used and dumped all u hav to learn is a lesson. What do u expect when u date a man that has no fear of God. Just take hrt and be careful on ur next move

  6. come-on, my sweetheart, u got potentials, potential is equal to purpose, abuse and misuse occur when purpose isn”t known, 2day know ur whom u truly ar, aboundone dat guy an move-on wit ur life, is nt d end of d world.

  7. u were born wit an 4 a purpose, exbite ur pride as an Ikwerre-brilliant chap, do nt let dat moda-fuka mess wit u.All abuse is a violation of purpose, do nt let dat gud 4 nothing guy abuse u.

  8. Baby, am glad, u ran to God,God has no desire 4 christians, bt 4 sons & daughters who share His interests, perspectives & visions.God doesn’t want us 2 develop holiness, cos He never intended dat we would nt b holy.So my baby, u shared God presence in dificult time. Just move-on wit ur sweet-life style. i appreciate u, remain cool.

  9. you dont need any kiss from anyone dearie , believe in ur self and put God first in all you do ,the right man will come for you ,call me on dis line +2348063082323

  10. The man is yours and that’s why he left. Your man will com and look he has come already. Let him go, after all he’s not responsible.

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