Vampire Woman Admits She’s A Blood Addict: “I Drink 1 Litre Of Blood Daily”

woman drinks 1litre blood daily

March 17, 2013 – Vampire Woman Admits She’s A Blood Addict: “I Drink 1 Litre Of Blood Daily”

The woman pictured above is Michelle, a 29-year-old woman who recently confessed she drinks blood like water.

In a recent appearance on TLC My Strange addiction show, Michelle said she has been drinking pig’s blood since she was a teenager and now she can’t do without it.

She hails from Lancaster in California.

‘I drink it and I get energized,’
‘I wake up in the morning, I pour it into my coffee cup,’- she says

Michelle who said she prefers pig’s blood to cow’s blood further said:

‘I prefer the gaminess, it’s a little bit saltier than the beef blood,’

She said drinking blood is the same as drinking wine to her.

While most people might be disgusted by the idea, the blood addict says it is in fact very similar to drinking wine.

What a strange addiction!

21 thoughts on “Vampire Woman Admits She’s A Blood Addict: “I Drink 1 Litre Of Blood Daily”

  1. She need to be taken to The Synagogue of All Nations in Lagos Nigeria so that she can be delivered from addiction.

  2. I imaging hw someone could choose blood as a preference 4 wine but neverdiless, tank God it’s stil animal blood, if dis lady isn’t delivered quickly by God she wil surely stated sucking human blood.

  3. For the fact that she has admited her sin of drinking pigs blood , something serious must be done befor she would start drinking human blood. Repentance is the first thing she must do. Then deliverance follows. God must see you through.

  4. Hey all, especially the Christians that have been making comments here, who told u drinking blood is a sin, cuz its similar to eating meat incase u don’t кησω… Judgmental pple… ĴƱSŦ‎ because you don’t do it doesn’t make it wrong

  5. john. who told you that eating meat is a sin? what were they created for? mtttttcheeew. dont you know that blood is very sacred to God that does doesnt want us drinking or eating with it. dnt tell us wack here.

  6. i dont know why you guys have a problem with her, she loves drinking pig blood, so let her be!!!!!!, is it your blood?! and where is it written in the bible that taking animal blood is bad @lawlhee

  7. all of you should stop bugging the lady she is not hurting any one and leave God and Jesus out of this i live in a world of total damnation and i m a vampire real life vampire so leave the lady alone

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