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Top 20 Richest Nigerian Yoruba Actors & Actresses And Their Net Worths

richest yoruba actors actresses net worth

Top 20 Richest Yoruba Actors & Actresses in Nigeria and their Net Worth

The Yoruba movie sector of the Nollywood has witnessed a significant rise in viewership and patronage over the past few years. The actors and actresses are now very well known. In fact, they can now stand toe-to-toe with their English-speaking Nollywood counterparts. Yoruba home videos now generate sizable income to the actors and actresses.

In this report, we are going to be looking at top 20 richest Yoruba actors in movie scene in Nigeria.

Up until about 5 years ago, many famous Yoruba actors/actresses could hardly sustain their family. In fact, some of them lived in abject poverty. Few months ago, a very popular Yoruba actor; Yemi Solade, admitted to the press about the hardship he’s facing in trying to sustain his family. He lamented about the poor pay and turn over of movie productions in the Yoruba scene.

Today, however, there are strong indications of an upturn in the patronage of Yoruba movies across and beyond Nigeria. This, over the past few years has upgraded the income of top-featuring artistes like Odunlade Adekola, Funke Akindele (Jenifa), Olaniyi Afonja (Sanyeri) and many more.

Below is a compilation of the top 20 richest Yoruba actors and actresses and their estimated net worth.

1) Odunlade Adekola

Net Worth – #300,000,000

odunlade adekola net worth

Well, this is not hard to figure out. Odunlade comfortably sits atop the chart of the richest Yoruba movie stars.

Odunlade Adekola started acting way back in 1996, but has only been active for about 10 years. Within this period, he’s featured in over 100 movies, usually as the main character. He is also a proud owner of a movie production line; OAFP, a platform that produces his movies and those of few other artistes.

Furthermore, Odunlade Adekola has sponsorship deals with several brands in Nigeria, including the Telecom giants, Globacom. He has featured in several promotional videos raking in millions of Naira in the process.

Given Odunlade’s productions, features and sponsorship, he has amassed a sizable fortune for himself. Currently, he has been estimated to worth 300 million Naira.

2) Funke Akindele

Net Worth: #250,000,000

funke akindele net worth

The unchallenged Queen of the Yoruba movie scene is no other than Funke Akindele. Born 42 years ago, this lady has done so well for herself, to the point of featuring in numerous English-speaking Nollywood movies. Her pioneered TV-Comedy series, Jenifa’s Diaries, currently sits atop the chart of movie series in the country.

Jenifa Diaries has, so far, generated tens of millions of Naira. The movie has featured many top dogs in the industry, including famous Nigerian rapper, Falz the Badguy (Folarin Falana).

Jenifa, as Funke Akindele is now fondly called, has featured in many top Nollywood movies (Yoruba and English), running up to about 100. She has won numerous awards including the African Movies Academy Awards.

Just like Odunlade, Jenifa also has an endorsement deal with Glo and many other top brands. She’s estimated to worth 250 million Naira.

3) Dayo Amusa

Net Worth – #200,000,000

dayo amusa net worth

Dayo Amusa is another household name in the Yoruba-speaking sector of Nollywood. She started her acting career about 16 years ago and has gone on to feature in many top movies within this period.

She has won numerous awards during her 16-year career, so far, in the Nollywood. Dayo Amusa is also an astute businesswoman, who has had similar success in the realm of buying and selling. Her success in business sets her apart from her colleagues in the Yoruba/Nollywood scene.

According to recent estimates, Dayo Amusa’s investments has yielded significant turn over for her, over the years. Her career earnings, in addition to her investments has been estimated to put her net worth at 200 million Naira.

4) Jide Kosoko

Net Worth: #200,000,000

jide kosoko net worth

Don’t take it away from the veterans! Jide Kosoko is one of the pioneers of Yoruba movies. He has been successful across board; as an actor, script writer and producer. He has featured in hundreds of movies, cutting across the Yoruba and English scenes.

This man has successfully transferred his success gene into his kids, who are now doing very well in the industry.

Jide Kosoko has an estimated net worth of about 200 million Naira.

5) Sola Sobowale

Net Worth: #200,000,000

sola sobowale net worth

Sola Sobowale is one of the few Yoruba actresses who features regularly in English movies. She was introduced to acting under the tutelage of Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello).

Apart from being an excellent actress, she is also a movie producer and director. She has produced tens of movies over the past decade. Her most recent feature, Wedding Party 1 & 2, is perhaps her topmost feature over the years.

She was recently signed, alongside several other artistes, by Glo as a brand ambassador. She is estimated to worth 200 million Naira. 

6) Mercy Aigbe

Net Worth: N180,000,000

mercy aigbe net worth

Speak of a non-Yoruba woman making giant strides in Yoruba movies? Here you go! Mercy Aigbe hails from Edo State, but grew up in Lagos. Today, she’s one of the most popular actresses in the entire Nollywood. This beautiful lady has featured in many top Nollywood movies (both Yoruba and English).

Born on the first day 1979, she started acting at a young age of 22. As a trained and certified Theatre artist, she began her professional career immediately after graduating from University of Lagos in 2001.

The separated mother of two recently moved into her own mansion in Lagos. The house alone is said to be worth about 50million Naira. Over all, Mercy Aigbe is estimated to worth 180 million Naira.

7) Afeez Owo

Net Worth: #180,000,000

afeez owo abiodun net worth

Next on our list is popular Yoruba movie director and actor, Afeez Owo. He has directed and featured in several Yoruba movies.

He is married to Yoruba actress, Mide Martins, the daughter of late Funmi Martins.

Akeem Owo is rumoured to own several properties in Lagos and Iseyin, Oyo state. He is worth 180 million Naira.

8) Olaniyi ‘Sanyeri’ Afonja

Net Worth: #160,000,000

olaniyi afonja sanyeri net worth

While many top Yoruba actors and actresses can easily boast of a standard education, this man can not. He was born on 14th October, 1974. He started acting at an early age but his breakthrough wasn’t forthcoming until he moved to Lagos. He relocated to Lagos to further enhance his opportunity and voila, he made it in a matter of few years.

Sanyeri is known for his clownish antics in Yoruba comedy movies. He has been very successful in his chosen genre (comedy). His most famous production is ‘Muniru ati Ambali’, where he featured alongside his bossom friend, Tijani.

Afonja is estimated to worth 160 million Naira.

9) Femi Adebayo

Net Worth – #160,000,000

femi adebayo net worth

Femi Adebayo is the son of the veteran Yoruba actor, Adebayo , popularly called “Oga Bello”. Unlike his father who starred at a time when Yoruba movies weren’t generating much, Femi is sure reaping the rewards now. His father set the pace for him and set him up for the challenge.

As a trained Lawyer, Femi Adebayo opted for his dad’s profession and he has been very successful in his chosen endeavour. He is a multi-talented artiste who has featured in movies ranging from comedy to epic. He has featured in top movies like October 1, The Ghost and Tout, Emi Abata and many more.

He has an estimated net worth of 160 million Naira.

10) Fathia Balogun

Net Worth: #150,000,000

fathia balogun net worth

The estranged wife of Said Balogun, Fathia, is one of the pioneers of modern day Yoruba movies. She was at a time, the most prominent face in the sector. She has won many awards too numerous to mention.

Fathia, who is originally from Delta State, owns several business lines, which generate sizable income for her. She has featured in hundreds of movies over the stretch of her career.

Her estimated net worth is 140million Naira.

11) Iyabo Ojo

Net Worth: #140,000,000

iyabo ojo net worth

Iyabo Ojo has featured in many Nollywood movies, both the Yoruba and English sector. Apart from being an actresses, she is also a model and a businesswoman. In fact, her sources of wealth is not limited to one or two.

She has featured in close to 200 movies over the course of her professional career. Her estimated net worth is 140 million Naira.

12) Toyin Abraham (Aimakhu)

Net Worth: #130,000,000

toyin aimakhu net worth

Toyin Aimakhu is one of the poster faces of Yoruba movies today. Ever since her breakthrough about a decade ago, she has been featuring back-to-back in top movies. Alongside the likes of Odunlade and Funke Akindele, she’s one of the most featured Yoruba artistes in English movies today.

Toyin Aimakhu currently has an endorsement deal with the telecommunications giant, Glo. Her estimated net worth is 130 million Naira.

13) Ronke Odusanya

Net Worth: #120,000,000

ronke odusanya net worth

You probably know this lady for her ‘busty’ features. She has featured in many top Yoruba movies. Although, in terms of longevity, she’s not quite as prominent as many others, she is today one of the most featured actresses in Yoruba movies. Her most prominent production was Flaki Ididowo.

Ronke Odusanya recently announced her plans to contest for a seat at the Oyo State of Assembly. She is worth 140million Naira.

14) Wale ‘Okunnu’ Akorede

Net Worth: #120,000,000

wale akorede okunnu net worth

One of the richest Yoruba actors is ‘Okunnu’, whose real name is Wale Akorede. He is known for his pepperish Yoruba tongue in Yoruba movies. He has featured in close to 100 movies, many of which are of comedy genre.

Wale Akorede is happily married, with kids. He has an estimated net worth of 120 million Naira.

15) Muyiwa Ademola

Net Worth: #100,000,000

muyiwa ademola net worth

Muyiwa Ademola sits comfortably at the 10th position on our chart. While this highly talented actor was a hot cake years ago, he doesn’t feature as much this days. His most famous production, where he doubled as the main character, Ori, is arguably one of the best Yoruba productions ever.

He recently moved into his Ibadan mansion which is worth tens of millions. Ademola also has sponsorship deals with a prominent real estate firm. His estimated net worth is 100 million Naira.

16) Doris Simeon

Net Worth: #100,000,000

doris simeon net worth

This lady is one of the few none Yorubas to have made their mark in the Yoruba movie scene. She was born and raised in Lagos. Doris is comfortably one of the most beautiful faces to have featured in Yoruba movies.

Although, she doesn’t feature as much as she does in the past, Doris Simon remains one of the richest ladies in the Yoruba Nollywood sector.

17) Bukky Wright

Net Worth: #80,000,000

bukky wright net worth

You probably remember this pretty face; Bukky Wright, a light-skinned lady, who dominated the Yoruba movie scene about a decade ago. She, alongside the likes of Fathia Balogun, Iyabo Ojo and so on were the divas of the Yoruba movie scene during this time. She has featured and produced over 100 movies.

Although Bukky doesn’t feature as much as she does in the past, she still remains one of the richest actresses. She’s worth in the region of 80million Naira.

18) Liz Anjorin

Net worth: #80,000,000

liz anjorin net worth

Lizzy, as she’s fondly called, doesn’t need any introduction. She has maintained her prominence in the Yoruba movie scene. Over the years, she has featured in multitude of movies.

The striking gist about her was her conversion to Islam few years ago. She is rumoured to be the proud owner of several businesses within and outside Lagos. She cruises around in a Range Rover Sport.

Anjorin is rumoured to be worth well above 80 million Naira.

19) Adebayo Salami

Net Worth: #60,000,000

adebayo salami net worth

Adebayo Salami, who is a native of Ilorin, is one of the oldest and most celebrated actors in the Yoruba movie scene. He has successfully introduced and developed several talents, including his son, Femi.

Oga Bello, as he is fondly called, has featured in hundreds of movies over decades of a lengthy career. He owns landed properties in Lagos and his hometown, Ilorin.

He has an estimated net worth of 60million Naira.

20) Yinka Quadri

Net Worth: #50,000,000

yinka quadri net worth

The last person on our list is Yinka Quadri. If you are a lover of Yoruba movies, you don’t need any form of introduction to this actor. Yinka Quadri is one of the few veteran actors still active in the Yoruba movie scene today. He has featured, produced and directed hundreds of movies over the course of his long career.

Yinka Quadri is said to worth around 50 million Naira.



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