Anita Joseph: The Day A Male Fan Slapped My Butt In Shoprite

fan slapped anita joseph butt shoprite

Feb 18, 2017 – True Confession By Anita Joseph: Why A Male Fan Smacked My Bum In Shoprite

The Day I Will Never Forget

Someone has seen me in Shoprite before, hit my bum and ran away. There was nothing I could do.

There was a movie I did Open and Close. I was a nymphomaniac in that movie, I had sex with everybody around me because it was the story.

The guy said that thing you did in Open and Close, can you just do it to me? He started whining in Shoprite, mimicking everything I did in the movie, the way I was doing. I just turned to leave and the next thing he did was to tap my ass.

I wanted to pursue him but I wore heels so I couldn’t pursue him. If it were before, I would have chased him all the way.

10 thoughts on “Anita Joseph: The Day A Male Fan Slapped My Butt In Shoprite

  1. But your behind wouldn’t have let you chased him anyways,looks too heavy to me.

    You are beautiful though!-:)

  2. Don’t ever make the mistake of chasing somebody who provokes you in the hope you will chase him to a secluded spot. The high heels probable saved you from serious assault!

  3. What do you want to chase him for?…i guess you enjoyed every other thing he did except that,so as BAK mentioned you were lucky not to chase him,thanks to your high heel.

  4. Anita must understand she is not a European but an African, she dressed like a European, her hair is like a mop, she should try using it in the kitchen, her clothes is European, then she is the cheek to comment someone slapping her butt, then need to throw piss in her face, give her something to talk about.

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