True Confession Of Married Worship Leader Who Loves Boyfriend More Than Husband


loves lover more than my husband

January 24, 2018 – Married Worship Leader Suspended As Boyfriend Impregnated Her Twice While Still Married To Husband

Shocking Confession Of Married Worship Leader Who Loves Secret Lover More Than Husband

Here is a revelation to my boyfriend and a confession to my husband. My heart is heavy, I know I have been very bad, but t hat is all in the past now.

I won’t try to sugarcoat things or even beat around the bush. I have been married to my husband for eight years. We got married when I was 22.

We dated for a year and while we dated, I was in a relationship with another guy whom I actually loved more than my husband.

However, when he proposed to me, I was excited that I would be getting married. I pictured myself in the dress, pictured the wedding reception, people waiting on me and all that, so I said ‘Yes’.

We got married but I never broke up with my other boyfriend. Not even for a day. We met up to thrice every week, I must confess that I was with him more than I was with my husband.

The first time I got pregnant was two months after my wedding, I knew immediately it wasn’t my hubby’s child, but I kept it and said nothing. I had the child, a boy.

My second pregnancy was barely a year after I had my first child, it wasn’t my husband’s either… Another boy.

My last child came just two years ago, and she is my husband’s only child.

Neither of the two men are aware, it has been my secret until recently… I could’t keep it anymore, my heart was so heavy…every time I led the worship in church, I kept waiting for thunder to do some magic!

I confessed to my pastor’s wife, she told her husband, I was suspended, counselled and instructed to confess.

For weeks, I have feared the consequences of my confession… This is the only way I can go about it. I am not as scared of my husband as I am of my boyfriend!

I already left my home with the two boys! I hope my husband sees this and forgives me… I was young, it was the devil!

Please, I feel bad enough…