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TV Presenter Warns Nigerians In Diaspora Against Relocating Home, Says Buhari Leaves Nigeria Everyday To Escape ‘Madness’

do not relocate to nigeria

TV Presenter Warns Nigerians In Diaspora Against Moving Back Home, Says Buhari Leaves Nigeria Everyday To Escape ‘Madness’

Moni Osibodu, a TV presenter who moved to Nigeria from the US back in 2015 has warned Nigerians in Diaspora wishing to return home to stay back abroad to avoid unnecessary stress.

The media personality said her experience of Nigeria is not pleasant since she relocated years ago.

Osibodu said since everything is based on bribery and corruption in Nigeria, the only way to function properly is to become insane.

Here is what she wrote on the social media few hours ago.

“I’ve lived in Nigeria for 3 years and I’m not impressed. Everything is bribery and corruption!! Let’s not even talk about the government or the police yet, the people living here alone are mostly mad. If you’re not mad, you can’t function here.

So please if you know you’re normal, stay with Trump!! Do not listen to anybody’s advice to move back to Nigeria to make your country better. Your country is not ready to be better. Nigeria is not prepared yet. I know they said it starts from somewhere, don’t let it start from you. Let someone else lead before you put yourself in trouble.

This post is for people who constantly ask me would I advice them to move back. No I don’t, please live your best life in the abroad, your best life cannot be lived in Lagos. Even rich people leave the country to live their best life.

Buhari leaves Nigeria every other day because he’s tired of his country sef. He’s using the country’s funds to live his best life and I don’t blame the old guy honestly.

#NigeriaInDecemberOnly #TrumpOverBuhari #DoNOTMoveBack.”

Personal opinion:

We all have different opinion about this relocation thing.

There is no peaceful place all over the world. If you live in Lagos, life is even more insane because of overpopulation.

If you want to relocate home for business, you are better off staying in other states excepts Lagos.



  1. Danti

    July 5, 2018 at 11:15 PM

    Thanks Moni, in fact, Nigeria is one hell of a place. Excuse my language, l think the devil had won too many souls, it will take all the angels and physical presence of Jesus to cleanse the place.

    • kelvis

      July 6, 2018 at 1:52 AM

      My dear danti if really you do know jesus then do pray for your country instead of calling it names and wishing it evil its your country because if you should lose it nobody will give you theirs..your home will always be your home no mater where you go or are..we the individual of that country we talk too much and our mouths often is good on wishing that country bad why we forget that its our country..and as for the so call presenter let her go look for something else to be on the news with or gain popularity with..our forefathers never ran away they prayed hope believed and fought for that country neither do our mothers asked us to forget our who is she to do that.we Nigerians abroad knows that things are really hard and bad over there sides I visited couple of months ago but that doesn’t mean we should give up on hope or our country or advising Nigerians not to come

      • Danti

        July 6, 2018 at 9:56 AM

        Hello kelvis, you don’t get it; if folks are not willing to change, prayers can’t work. I started attending night Virgil for Nigeria in 1980 @ CCC,nothing has changed. Churches and other religions are doing similarly but things are getting out of control. So, when does it end? Get it right, nothing is wrong with my statement. Once again, if Nigerians aren’t ready to dump their intimate alliance with the devil, extensive and multilayered prayers will not work. I don’t write to impress people, who dem be? We are corrupt and the destinies of coming generations had already been tainted.

      • Ama

        July 6, 2018 at 2:29 PM

        I agree with you, nowhere is safe. It is unfortunate things are not working in our countries, but home will always be home. A lot of people are suffering outside their countries, look at those who are running away abroad and die in pursuit of sanity. A lot of people die in pursuit of happiness. We need to pray and take action. We who live overseas are also part of the corruption and bribery. It is different when someone helps you and you give the person a gift, and it different when because of our world of need and want, we have to pay to get our way to get what we want easily. A lot of us give monies to get things done and done quickly. If we refuse to give them money and challenge those who want money before getting the services done, I think we can stop these insanities of bribery and corruption. If we educate the people in our communities to make them understand that these politicians are not doing them any good by giving them goodies to vote for them and after the election, they are left high and dry, I think we can come a long way. We do not have to depend always on the government to fight corruption, we need to start from our homes and let people know the repercussion of all these evil vices. It is so sad to hear people talk evil about their own countries. I mean don’t get me wrong, things are not working well, but we as the concerned citizen can also do something to change the mindset, attitude of others if we change ours

  2. Mon

    July 6, 2018 at 1:19 AM

    The name alone is causing a lot of havoc all over the World, the best thing to do is to join hands and pull it down because the foundation was fraud, then every region will start to rebuild their own. This administration (Fulanis) are grabbing whatever they can,both land and money because they know Nigeria will explode very soon.

    Living your best life in abroad is only good in the short run,at the long run,you will feel lost because you will always remain a visitor where ever you are, and the feelings are even worst than that of our forefathers slaves.
    But there is one thing i know, everything shall end in AFRICA because that’s where all started, when God will turn the last table,Africa will become number one again…not near in sight anyway.

  3. Just saying

    July 6, 2018 at 1:19 AM

    100% correct even the police officers are mad so much shouting and screaming, noises from the generators can wake a dead person up. I was there in May, on a one way road here comes a guy driving straight towards me and I was like does this guy know that this is a way road and he’s not allowed to drive from the other end the idiot started yelling at me “Oga shift your car make i pass” I would say sell off Nigeria and shear the money unless God almighty and all the angels in heaven comes down and fix all the mess the politicians had caused…

  4. ad

    July 6, 2018 at 9:37 AM

    THE PROBLEM WITH NIGERIANS IS THAT THEY GOT AN IRRITATING BIG MOUTH, they talk too much there are so many countries in the world today that are terribly worse off but you never see their people saying all sorts about their country especially on social media.. the problem with Nigerians is that they expect the government to do all for them and in no country whether westernised or not does such happen. tell me what are we not bless with, we say no electricity, God gave us sunlight and we cannot change it into solar energy, we have fertile land and we cannot produce more than enough to feed it’s own people, we have and abandoned cocoa and we buy chocolate ice cream and sweets imported, we love French laces and etorica Jorge yet we shut down our textile factories we are a coastal country yet we individually have bore holes in our compound, we have sand and we cannot build good schools, more health centres and hospitals, we have timber no school ,furniture for kids, witches and wizards yet they cannot put a potion of success into their country

  5. uzoma

    July 6, 2018 at 1:46 PM

    I do visit Nigeria every two years and I can honestly tell you that this lady is right. If you can not bribe your way or “what is my cut” as they baptize it, then you are not ready to live in Nigeria. If you can not bribe the police, the road safety people, and even the military that mount illegal check points on the roads then you are not ready to live in Nigeria. If you can not pay deaf ears to noise pollution then you are not ready to live in Nigeria. If you are not ready to overlook the dirt filled water clogged mosquito infested open gutters then you are not ready to live in Nigeria. If you are not ready to tolerate unprovoked insult and assault, then you are not ready to live in Nigeria. But upon all these, Nigeria is full of nice people, people who want to live a peaceful life. What then is the cause of all these vices?…. frustration. Frustration due to lack of insensitivity of our so called “elected” or shall I say selected leaders. Frustration due to no zeal to change for the better. I have a friend who relocated to Nigeria in 2001, a PhD holder in clinical psychology and was employed at the Abuja prisons. He was a professor here. He tried to change the way things are done in that office by instituting new ways but he was told that “we are not ready for this, if this is what you want to do better go back to United States, you can not put sand in our garri”. To crown it all, he owed salaries for nearly one year and when it was time to confirm his appointment, he was told “we are not ready for the type of change you want to bring here. We are still a third world country”. He had to come back here with the help of 3 of us his friends. Another friend of mine went to Florida after graduation and was employed as a reporter for Florida Sentinel newspaper. In 2003 he packed his belongings are relocated back to Nigeria. He open a print business plus a convenient store by the side. A lot of his clients owed him and anytime he asks for payment it was always one reason or the other why they can not pay him until one day some of those debtors tried to beat him up. He got married and came back to Florida with his wife and now he is a teacher and his a community organizer living happily with their children. Many of us will like to go back home but when you look at the environment and see that the people are not ready to change and instead will want you to adapt to their bribery/corrupt ways one has to stay back here unless you are ready to be dealt with. Here you go about your work peacefully, enjoy your promotion and those who retire get their pension monthly as at when due, no one owes you salaries, go about your business unmolested, no police or military illegal check points, go out and come back any time you want, live a peaceful life as far as you stay out of trouble, no noise pollution, constant water supply, no NEPA problems, then you have a clear choice.

  6. James

    July 6, 2018 at 6:45 PM

    Yes the presenter is very very correct, in just a twinkle of an eye, our land which we formerly describe as a land filled with milk and honey is now called a land that is filled with innocent blood and dead bodies, I have been saying it on this Ninja gist always that God will prepare the hottest place in hell fire and send those who refused to talk and condemn theses killings of innocent people either because of their sycophantism or because of their nepotism, Nigeria has become a laughing stock in the eyes of the world even in some countries that is still in civil war.
    May God protect Innocent Nigerians.

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