Uche Jombo Blasts Goodluck Jonathan For N3billion Nollywood Grant, Says It Is Improper


uche jombo nollywood grant

April 3rd, 2017 – Uche Jombo Blasts Goodluck  Jonathan For N3billion Nollywood Grant, Says It Is Improper

In a recent chat with Sunday Scoop, Uche Jombo highlighted the main headache afflicting film makers in Lagos.

The buxom actress also pooh-poohed the notion that she was a beneficiary of the largesse given to the industry by the immediate-past president of the country.

Her words:

“The major challenge of making films in Lagos State is the menace of area boys. They usually come on set to harass and molest us.

On several occasions, they have beaten members of the cast and crew, and even destroyed expensive equipment.

Getting location and enabling environment is also a problem. Electricity is also among the problems because we have to make do with generators when filming and the noise affects our productions.

Lastly, getting funds could also be cumbersome and we all know that producing a good film is capital intensive.”

 “I didn’t get any of the grants former president Jonathan gave the industry. And I know thousands of filmmakers who didn’t get anything as well.

I don’t believe that anybody should throw money at Nollywood for filmmakers to go and share; I’m of the opinion that proper infrastructure should be put in place.

If this is done, people would sort themselves out financially,”