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Uche Jombo Husband Begs Wife Over Leaked Girlfriend Photos, Says He Has Hired Lawyer

uche jombo husband begs wife

July 12, 2017 – Uche Jombo Husband Apologises To Wife Over Leaked Girlfriend Photos, Says He Has Hired Lawyer To Deal With Bloggers

Kenney Rodriguez, the Puerto Rican American who stole the heart of our dear Uche Jombo few years back has publicly apologised to her for the breakup report which broke after photos of himself and another woman surfaced earlier this month.

Mr Rodriguez who swallowed his pride humbly apologized to his Naija Beauty Queen this evening via his Instagram page.

He said he has hired lawyer to put the situation under control.

Perhaps Mr Rodriguez would have done a better job by dissociating himself from the photo which went viral earlier this month.

If it was taken before he met Uche Jombo, then that will not be a big deal.

A press statement will do a better damage control than hiring lawyers to threaten bloggers with cease and desist nonsense.

We are happy they are back together now.



  1. iron bar

    July 13, 2017 at 2:18 AM

    True or false…The guy looks like a player..i may be wrong but just saying

  2. Bench

    July 13, 2017 at 5:45 AM

    If they are told me marry Uche Jombo, I am not gree. Even if they beg me with one hondred tazand dolass I am not still gree.

  3. Jojo

    July 13, 2017 at 6:59 AM

    See the way you don look old, the guy must play outside na.

  4. Danti

    July 13, 2017 at 8:52 AM

    I thought Uche Jombo was a marriage therapist, because few years back she mumbling nonsense here. Women must learn to be quiet sometimes, every circumstance must be well thought out before a decision is executed!

  5. Brave Hunter

    July 13, 2017 at 5:21 PM

    WAIT A MINUTE, what‘s he gonna hire a lawyer for? That the pix that was circulated was that of mr Bench‘s and not his or what?
    What sort of a lame case is that? For all I know, this dude ain‘t gonna do anything. This is the end of the story.

    If at all he managed to sue the blogger as he threatend, it would be for having exposed his most kept secret and nothing more.

    I take a stroll…

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