Ufuoma Ejenobor: How I Coped With My Oyinbo Husband For 6 Years

ufuoma ejenobor marriage crash

July 15, 2016 – Ufuoma Ejenobor: How I Coped With My Oyinbo Husband For 6 Years

Nollywood actress Ufuoma McDermott nee Ejenobor who married an expatriate in April 2010 is already blessed with two wonderful children.

The actress who recently acknowledged that her marriage hasn’t been rosy revealed to Daily Sun how she managed to put her interracial marriage together.

ufuoma ejenobor husbandUfuoma & Steve

On how her marriage stayed this long with little or no controversy, the actress said:

“There is a lot of cultural differences but it is all about understanding and dialogue. I do a lot of talking with my partner and get any issue resolved amicably.”

16 thoughts on “Ufuoma Ejenobor: How I Coped With My Oyinbo Husband For 6 Years

  1. Its obvious you are Enduring the marrige instead of Enjoying the marriage.

    If so, who are you complaining to and why? Who even ask you in the first place? Who even care? Where you not the one who wanted a white guy for a husband? Now deal with it and stop complaining.

    I dont know why most ladies thinks that anything that glitters could be gold.

    I am planning for a marriage I will enjoy not endure and so do Metu, one of the eligible bachelors on NG or so I thought.

    I take a stroll…

  2. Hay there ishould always a secret in married to white me. You can always be proud to show of to people that are in Africa that white men are perfect. It a big no. They are not normal so keep making as if all is well with you. I can advise my African brother and sister that is better to get married to a poor back man that married to a white man there is nothing call happiness in there married she is just faking and pretending. We live in Europe we know white people are mad. In Africa mad people are in the street in Europe they lived like normal people they are the one that our sisters are proud of.

  3. Good talk my sister and pray that God will continue to keep and bless your marriage and children.

  4. 95% OF BLACK MEN BEAT WOMEN; 70 % dont proved food on the table, 75% have extral galfriend outside,no complement, in white man marriage is 50-50, he help u at home, cook,clean , take gud care of the kids,take gud care of u, dont beat,if love is finish is finish, no going back that is for white,say try again, only 5 % do that,over is over.sexual free to say i want this way not that way,without calling u names,u have waka b4, where who teach u this, take u like like prince all the time.happy married my sister where God call ur home is where u get peace of mind, white,black,yellow or red. God bless ur cute kids, ur marriage. is never easy thing be marriage ,nr. 1 freedom is less,cos u must ask or think about ur home b4 doing anything.this white man will never share u with any woman, once in love is love, if over he tell u sorry,is over,but cheating no way for white man, less than 5% cheat,95% are very gud,true love and he will give u and ur kids security.

  5. D Hunter and Mai you are correct. Oyibo married not at all easy. is enduring not enjoying. Yes most of them mad people. I have watch them well and know not easy.

  6. Africa girl getting married with a white men is a thing that I personally will not encourage anyone because the different are much, culture and understanding are a big factor some people with this expirence can testify. I used to date a white lady but she cannot please me like a black woman, no matter how she tried. It’s a natural thing that black designed has no comparison the same thing applies to their men, our woman can also testify to that.. I think the only reason black men and girl will have an oyibo as wife or husband is poverty.

  7. My dear, there is no home without misunderstanding so long as you are not from one family. Even at that, there must be misunderstanding because you are of two different individual living in one roof as couple. Just keep doing good and don’t jump out.

  8. All lies…you turned your husband into a vegetable,Leave your kids at home with your husband to baby sit and go to clubs and then come back home and shout at him.pls don’t act or make people see you as a good person.

  9. May God continue to bless ü ABUNDANTLY my sister.from ur fellow African sister happily married to her white Husband.

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